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Date: October 1, 2022

14 thoughts on “Sophia-lopeez live webcams for YOU!

  1. although shes never cheated on me and dont really think she would, the trust is just completely gone

    This doesn't make much sense, but it seems you don't trust her. What makes even less sense is being with someone you don't trust.

    I'm curious to know why she keeps engaging with this guy. I'm sure you're curious too. It doesn't really matter though, does it? The bottom line is that she's making you anxious, not happy.

  2. it's not rape unless one of the parties explicitly says no.

    At no point did I say that. I said that she said no, and that made it rape.

    There are many ways to indicate that you are not willing. She stated that she said no several times, but was worried that she didn't do more. I was saying she DID NOT HAVE TO do any more, in this case. Her saying no, even once, and she indicated that she said no several times, means she is not willing.

    Looks like you misunderstood what I was saying, And I'm not worried about all the down votes on my comments, as it just indicates that there are a lot of people who have comprehension issues.

  3. Jeeze. As soon as our”guest” started eating my food and not replacing it I started getting obnoxiously early and making a ton of noise. It was clearly so uncomfortable he left withen a month

  4. Dude… You're almost 30, that's embarrassing. Come on, are you serious? Your ex is delusional and you're incapable to set boundaries.

    Just tell her to leave you alone and that you're not in any way responsible for the bill. End of story.

  5. The problem is that I really cant get over it and I keep bringing it up, like every day, for 2 weeks now. He sticks to his words 'he doesnt keep them in mind'. He has always been honest with me, where he goes, how much his expensive hobby costs… Thats why it hurts to feel like I cant trust him, even through he didnt lie in other things

  6. You are a good person caught in the age old clichéd bad luck of ending up with a bad dude – one who is trying to move in on a married woman – and getting short with you when you interrupt his romantic conquest journey.

    She said she would be going to bed soon, so he told you he will pick you up.

    She then maybe changed her mind when hubby fell asleep – so she asked him if he could continue – so he happily said YES – and fibbed to you about being stoned.

    So he started an all nighter with her. Expecting to be alone the whole night, undisturbed.

    Unfortunately you did get back, it broke his flow and his privacy – which means the 2 of them might already be doing improper stuff – so he took his frustration out on you – as you rightly guessed.

    You need to leave, but prepare for it quietly. Get your ducks in a row as best as you can.

    Make a plan, and AT LEAST 2 backup plans.

  7. omfg! you are an elite professional, why the hell are you with losers?

    he is not the one & glad you dodged the bullet of eternal hell.

    go out, make new friends, get new hobbies, dress up & party in the club. you are only 29 & there are 9M single handsome loyal men out there. go get one as you deserve better OP.

  8. Well, there's still pretty strong emotional reaction to her. All you see is him saying he hates her and for you it means she's nothing to him but nobody hates someone that much if they don't feel something for them. Let's say he wanted to be with her forever and she left him, what's left for him than turning that love for her into hate.

    Nobody focuses that much on insignificant people. She's very important to him still, even if he portrays it as something negative.

  9. But they're the same perspective. Neither is lying. Just holding back some stuff. There is nothing contradicting in there. Just the wife failed to mention her abuse.

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