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Date: September 24, 2022

14 thoughts on “HornyNalia

  1. OP, this is so unhealthy. You both can do better with someone else. You can't make him fall back in love with you.

  2. I would hope that you wouldn't be the kind of person to ditch yhrre partner at a funeral because t swift is so important. If you can't understand how these to coralate then maybe you shouldn't habe a relationship.

  3. I know that you’re right.

    I’m just disappointed to have been put into another situation of just waiting for that moment of connection or thoughtfulness. I’m stupid to have hoped for it, but dammit if I don’t fall for it every time.

  4. Hey I'm m31 wife f27 we will be married two years in May. We did a courthouse wedding with intent to do something bigger down the road. Wife is pregnant now. So, we might be putting that off a little longer now lol.

    For me, I'm an atheist, so, I don't really care about having a wedding at all. I have disowned, not my father but everyone else from my father's side of the family for various reasons. So, in our theoretical wedding it would be my side looking pretty thin. My life has also had many Fairweather friends and everytime I go through hardship I shave them off. Not my choice, it's just not worth their time or effort I guess.

    So, coming from the side who doesn't have anyone or very few people to invite, if I were your wife, I think I'd be happy if we could just fangle getting my sick mother there. Infact, I'd probably be over the moon for just that.

    My “groomsmen” so to speak would be my dog, just the one. That's the person closest to me in my life tbh. I maybe have two or three friends I could have come beyond that. I have acquaintances I could invite but I wouldn't bat an eye if they didn't show up.

    I come from a big, very religious family, so, I understand where you are coming from and I understand your concern over your wife's side list. So here is my advice:

    Have your wife invite anyone who she would consider at least an acquaintance anyone who would entertain a friendly phone call if you were to make one. It's not necessarily a question of worthiness, it's an opportunity for them to show her their support. As long as YOU are there for your wife, I am certain she will be fine. She has been alone for a long time, too long to be worried about appearing weak in this regard. You have been blessed with a large, functional family and group of friends and there is a lot of love there and I am sure your wife is happy for you in that regard. Your side might be there “for you” but in a way they are also showing up for her. More support for her wedding than she could have expected to get. I know that might sound terrible from your perspective but some of us aren't permitted to wish for more. Some of us are happy to have what we have, because it's more than we ever expected to have.

    I hope my perspective has given yours some depth

    I wish you and your wife good luck and a happy wedding.

  5. Just curious, why are you so sure you won't change your mind? Have you thought about what it actually means to be a parent? The sacrifice, the cost, the exhaustion, the fact that this world is burning down around us? A lot of people think kids are a foregone conclusion, but it's not all birthday parties and smiling family portraits.

    Women tend to bear the brunt of childcare, so likely your GF has thought about these things, possibly way more than you have. And if you haven't really delved into the different between “having kids” and “being a parent” I would suggest you do that before your next relationship.

  6. Just because you caught him (or his friend), and they've stopped (for now), that doesn't mean it didn't happen and something really weird wasn't going on. You deserve to know what that was.

  7. This.

    If I honestly forgot, which is something my dumbass would do, I'd offer it to my partner first. Or try and sell it for cheap to a clan mate or whatever.

    I'm very open, not insecure in my relationships, etc. but this is a no go with red flags all over it

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