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  1. Either you stay and they prevent you from traveling to see her, or you move out and can't afford traveling to see her.

    So either way, you can't travel. But at least you'll be free of their bs if you move out. But your gf should be very wary when she comes back. Donnt give your parents your new address, they come by and hurt her

  2. Yes they can alot of the time that's how it happened unfortunately they gasligjt you and love bomb you and your blind to it till they either do this or they hit you and or verbally abuse you this isn't an accident and it will keep happening just because he's never done it ? percent doesn't mean anything because who's to say he won't abuse you this way or other red flags appear

    I think you shouldn't turn a blind eye he essentially raped you anyone who touches and forces you to have sex without consent and you say NO means NO

    And he didn't respect you at all

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