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  1. this means they were never right person to begin with. it took me so long to find my current partner and i wasn't even actively looking for a relationship, but he gives me the world and loves me more than i could've ever imagined. i was also in a domestic violent relationship prior to meeting my current partner. he will come to you x

  2. i mean, what's the point to talk to her about it? you clearly aren't into someone who has that history, and talking to her is only going to make it worse.

    if you can't get it over it now, you should just break up with her.

  3. Sounds like an emotional affair, the first red flag of being so is the defense over it. The other red flags are him nurturing that conversation and caring about her well being ect and failing to do so with his own wife. I guess long story short, the attention that he's giving this woman surpasses what attention he gives to you.

  4. I am sorry but this is on you, if you knew his brother was gonna be using your washroom then you should’ve said something about it before hand, covered it or taken down before. Your husband is right don’t say anything

  5. His response was that he did originally buy me the cricut but then returned it because we got into an argument. And then that when he wanted to buy it again it wouldn’t come before Christmas.

  6. Fear of regret or feeling dirty likely has nothing to do with the divorce and everything to do with trauma. So, I’ll amend my answer to this – when you feel emotionally secure with yourself. If you aren’t already, I’d recommend getting into therapy to work through the trauma of your abusive relationship. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a quick fix here, but as you start to work through the trauma you should start to have less fears of regret and feeling dirty (though it’s possible they remain, some people have general sexual shame issues so might be worth looking into that too!)

  7. Like I've commented a million times even though I've been discouraged to get one, I have one tha t I'm about to start in a couple weeks but thanks Angel lol.

  8. Crush mean having feelings that potentially could lead to more.

    But in the “seeing as a woman” comment, relationship and dating wasn't mentioned.

    It's a very common question for trans women to ask. And a very common fear of them.

    Now where did she use the term terf to force her into dating. You just decided that on your own.

  9. She’s found someone else.

    If she wants to have a “break” after such a tiny time of dating she wants to see if the new new dude is better than you. She’s using you as a placeholder.

    You should break up with her properly and not sit around like a saddo waiting for her to click her fingers in a month if the new dude isn’t better than you.

    She’s lying and disrespecting you.

  10. He gave you his boundaries. You disagreed. It sounds like you guys have issues that are incompatible with marriage. As a married person, you are a couple, so yes, you do have some say in what the other person does and what you tolerate and vice versa.

  11. I didn't publicly warn anyone. Are you asexual, is that why you continue to act like this could never be a possibility? I stand by what I said as I have met others and have read of others that this has happened to. Just because it hasn't happened to you or anyone that you know that doesn't mean that it could never happen. My whole point is that it could happen. So deal with it.

  12. Did I read 'don't orgasm quick enough' wrong ? Doesn't it mean he doesn't finish quick, which is a good thing ?

  13. You have to be careful about vindictiveness.

    Don’t look at this like she cheated because of sexual desire or emotional connection (those might have been perks and bonuses) but she said that the reason she cheated was because “my ex cheated on me”

    That means that she cheated to get back at the ex. What would happen if she thinks you were cheating (maybe she misunderstands a situation). What if you work extra hours when usually you came home quickly. What if your coworker texts you about work constantly.

    Misunderstandings happen in a relationship but her communication game has to be strong in order to dispel those awful thoughts and assumptions. If she doesn’t seem to have good communication skills then I would be worried a bit.

    Also now that you know that she has the capability to cheat and has a defense excuse for it, then how do you see her now? Will you have a fear in the back of your mind that maybe she might cheat on you because you guys have a fight or because you are busy now so less attention.

    It’s true that not everybody cheats and you shouldn’t break up just because they have a bad past. You should take into account what you expect going forward in order to have a healthy relationship.

    You need to trust that she will never cheat on you and even if you are going to break up then at least you won’t be slapped with an affair. She needs to show that she will never justify that shifty behavior. If both can do that while having good healthy dialogue and communication throughout the relationship then you should be fine. If this can’t be reached then don’t fool yourself with a potential risk. Someone who has crossed the ultimate line in a relationship can go through much easier than the first time. Why risk it if you know that there is no trust. You should never feel like you have to check her phone and she should never feel like she needs to show it to you.

    Good luck my dude and really think it out and converse it out with her and make sure that you never attack her or talk down to her about what she did. Attack the action and not the person. Explain your feeling and worries and troubles. Listen to what she says. If she defends her action then that’s a bad answer. If she understands it was awful thing to do even if the ex was a piece of shit then that’s good. Just tell her “thank you for telling me this” and be honest and tell her moving forward that you will work on trusting her more. The goal is that you won’t try to trust her more and instead you will lull yourself into a groove and rhythm where the idea of cheating is gone and you just trust her on instinct. It takes time tho. Good luck.

  14. Can we stop acting like every single movie put out by Hollywood in the last 30 years doesn’t have every single creepy guy have that exact mustache? Of course no one is saying that facial hair is tied to criminal thoughts. We are saying that specific mustache is creepy as hell.

  15. Children have other costs apart from food. They grow so need new clothes and shoes regularly, there's childcare, even if at school you often have to pay for food plus before and after school care. Plus the cost of their share of rent and bills.

  16. Envy is a tough one. Hard to “work through” with someone in this context.

    Find yourself someone who’s happy for your success and positively motivated by you to do better for themselves.

  17. He has to make a choice – end the friendship, block her everywhere, and tell her to go away when she comes crying at the door begging him not to – or lose the relationship. If he won’t end the friendship, then you know there’s more going on. And if he really did just “give up on trying” – do you really want a partner with that little backbone when it comes to your relationship? Hard pass.

  18. Trying to control other people's narratives is a wasted effort. It can never be achieved. OP can go on living well and it will work out just fine.

  19. Sounds like a good idea, but i live in such a stone-age ungabunga country and im from what i can find they aren't available here, but i haven't fully looked into it… But it's a very good idea, appreciate it.

  20. What has been his behavior after you confronted him? Was he embarrassed and remorseful over the hurt he caused you? Did he apologize to you and move heaven and earth to make it up to you? If not all this, then he did it to hurt you and is just a fucker.

  21. You shouldn’t go. The fact that you felt the need to throw the part in about the “open-ish” relationship is telling, especially since that should have nothing to do with this post if your feelings for the other guy are platonic. You need to get this squared away in your own mind.

  22. He's a grown adult, and I mean GROWN, not some fresh out of college 24 year old and he's still playing these games? Block him.

  23. You should probably just cut things off now. Sounds like it’s just overall a bad idea for everyone involved.

  24. He does have a paid off car already, we both do. Its for a new car. And we live in Southern California and he only makes 90k~, pretty hard to buy a house on just that here

  25. I don’t want to be a jerk… but you wrote a pretty long response without reading her whole post.

    She gave him a chance. She said she was pregnant. He said he wanted nothing to do with her or any kids.

    That makes a huge difference in my mind. She didn’t hide anything, she gave him a chance and he refused. He can’t waltz back in at his convenience.

  26. Do you really think that? If he'd apologized and said he didn't realize not everyone liked that and he'll discuss it beforehand next time, then yeah. This guy is totally going to keep on choking women. I'm worried the only lesson he's learned is to grab their hands first.

  27. Accepting that not every emotion has an external cause that needs to be fixed. That means that not every emotion requires action. Many of them need self-evaluation about why you're feeling these things. Anger and jealousy often mask deeper feelings, which is what your evaluating yourself for.

    Learning to address the underlying feelings resolves more problems than confronting somebody else. This is especially true when the other person did not actually do anything wrong. Sometimes addressing those underlying things means making changes in your life. Sometimes all that needs to happen is acknowledging that the fears exist and learning to calm your own fears is all you need to do.

    Emotions are chemicals. Those chemicals are used by our brain as calls to action. As a human being and as an adult, it is up to you to choose how to react. Reacting immediately and blindly to everything is not going to serve you well. Emotions are fast reactions because fear and aggression keep us alive in a survival situation. You're not in a survival situation. Remember that you are human and not just trying to survive.

  28. You've already got her WHOLE life planned out for her, and she gets zero say in any of it. I would run too if I were her. Sounds like you're hiring a wife/mother/bang maid.

  29. A lot of people make new accounts to post here.

    I know I did.

    But yeah I get a feeling the percentage is going towards fake posts being the majority

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