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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. U can try talking to her but in the end, it's her butt it's her decision, it's her life. And you don't have must say in it.

  2. If there's no mutual respect in a relationship at some point it won't work she shouldn't be upset for respecting you in this light .

  3. Hmm. There used to be something called a Speaking or Hearing Trumpet. I’m not suggesting you use one of those! But maybe there’s a way to shelter your head from the car noise while directing the sound of their voices…actually?

    This happens with almost every car unless they are pretty new and/or well made, to boot. We all have to lean forward in the back seat.

    I suggest you and your friend either take some Dramamine or some other motion sickness aid and then switch off seats during the carpool trip.

  4. You would think so, but I’ve seen a living example recently how a couple separated, the guy had an affair with their best friend, and that somehow got them back together by “teaming” together and betraying the friendship with her Bestie. It probably didn’t help that he was her pot dealer but still, life is full of surprises

  5. Don’t be angry your relationship is over. Be happy for the great 7 months you got and look forward to the next relationship.

  6. Didn't u have an uncle or someone to slap the crap out of you for marrying at 22

    Now they both kept something like this from you for 6 years. You were also on and off with her so your supposed best friend knew but him and your ex wife (better leave her ass) decided to sleep together and didn't even bother telling you

    And all 3 of you probably hang together all the time. Maybe they have slept together a few more times after that

    How will you know? They couldn't be honest about what they did before now how will you trust anything that comes out of their mouth.

    If you forgive them both, next time they do something to you how long can they go without telling you. Another 6 years or even a lifetime

    Do you want a friend who will sleep with a girl you're on and off with and ended up marrying without him every telling you.

    He was probably your best man at your wedding too. Your Best man nailed the bride and they both didn't tell you.

    You're young. Take that massive L. Get rid of them both (they'll probably end up together) I'll even move to a different state or country and start over

  7. Don't spend your days focusing on him. Start focusing on yourself. Do all the things that you have been wanting to do. Work on your mental health…get a job if you don't have one or go to school. Do things for you . If it works out then great and if it doesn't at least you have yourself. What it means is don't lose yourself while he's trying to find himself.

  8. Oh Man U lost asf. Wear a condom at least, that guy probably has had a dozen girls or more if he’s open/poly.

  9. Communicate with her you would like to cum, maybe for you to come faster add more foreplay

    If you are doing oral on her she can do oral on you too

    Maybe try that

    It all comes down to communication

  10. See that’s the problem, my bf didn’t break it off with this girl. SHE ghosted him and that’s why they ended. Your sister actively chose to break it off with her initial first choice. My guy waited for Her to ghost him and then ended up with me. That’s the difference

  11. He needs anger management and you need the therapy.

    Did you read what you put? You won't leave because he pays the bills. You're scared because you've settled and lowered your standards. Do you really think he's the only guy out there? ? there's millions who are so kind and decent but you won't even look. This is still not ok my dear. It's borderline abuse.

    You need to figure out your future. And do it soon before you even think about having a baby. Poor kid ?

    My suggestion… you hand your ring back. You tell him he needs to work on himself in anger management whilst you try therapy. If it all fails then you know what to do. Please don't use him making you financially comfortable as a reason to stay ?‍♀️

  12. You're 20, so I can understand that you're still very immature. They're both consenting adults, it's been 2 years, there's nothing disrespectful happening here, you only dated a short period of time. I don't understand the issue here. Can you explain it in a way that doesn't feel like you're some entitled moron?

  13. Like is he judging me based on my income? He's an electrician and makes decent money. Once he told me he was making a certain amount per hour.

  14. Uh, you spent a whole night having to tell him “no”. That's jot respecting your consent at all. Your whole post is about him pushing your boundaries.

  15. Yeah that was my first thought too, esp the eye contact thing. Im 28 & that’s still how I manage eye contact. Cant help it. ?

  16. That's a really good point, however I think these other people are mostly referring to the physical strain that is guaranteed during the 9 month period of carrying

  17. Was your boyfriend with her on NYE? Are you sure he hasn’t already entered into a poly relationship with her, but just never told you? Sounds like she thinks you three are in a poly relationship.

  18. Thank you, I didn't even think to say something like that I was never really taught how to make boundaries

  19. If you are going to call it a physical marriage vow, then logically aren't you already married. And if you're married, you can have sex. How does one get “physically divorced”? It has to make some type of sense.

  20. Can I be completely honest as a deeply monogamous person here? I might be downvoted but I wanted to say this, when you are monogamous then having a partner who is open to nonmonogamy can be heart shattering. I know people will just say that its equivalent to a kink like anal but that cant be far from the truth. A kink which is shared between just two partners is vastly different than being open to inviting another person into our safe and vulnerable and fun space. Just wanted to give my honest thoughts in reply to your honest thoughts.

  21. Dont try harder. Be real. Hug him. Cry. Express your feelings and encourage him to express his. Tell him how amazing he is being and how proud you are to be his wife.

    Try to joke together. Humor during dark times can be crazy therapeutic and bonding.

  22. Make it a clean break. Leave her alone and move on. If she calls you in a month, you can decide what to do when it happens

  23. I saw your reply to the other comment. It's not right that he sees you one or two times a week and wastes time scrolling. My GF and I have about the same amount of time and we are NEVER looking at screens

  24. Seems to me like she's told you what she wants to do.

    You can either compromise on your aspirations to stay together or respectfully move on. If you did convince her to leave the transition would probably be incredibly stressful for her and could lead to resentment anyway.

    Sometimes people have wants and needs that make little to no sense to us. But the one thing you must never do is cover your ears when someone tells you their truth.

  25. While I applaud you for leaving your husband, you literally blew up your family with an affair. This is not 'stronger than ever'. You may be bolder in your decision making but this is not a stronger family resulting from your behaviour. You approached reddit because you felt guilty. You should feel guilty, you went about destroying your family all wrong instead of doing this in a way that causes the most problems for you. Have you been cheated on? do you think it is appropriate behaviour? Do you want to teach your children that cheating is acceptable?

  26. Yeah. This isn't about the dog. I mean, it is, but it's not just the dog. The dog is just the straw that broke the camel's back. “I've called him out about all kinds of shit” means there are more and deeper issues about lying and trust. Sounds exhausting to me, always having to question what he's telling you.

  27. It’s not that weird, landlords and roommates can be nightmares. Best not to overthink it and just focus on moving out so you don’t have to bring your girlfriends back to a futon in a bitchy guys living room.

  28. I hate that it was a situationship. I communicated early on that I’d never had a boyfriend and that wasn’t my choice, only had casual and that I was embarrassed about that. I opened up to him. He said I dated shitty guys in the past. It’s a shame it didn’t work out, in the early days it was so wonderful and lovely, and then a few months down the line he still hadn’t taken me on a date. He became critical and cold, despite initially being friendly, passive aggressive. Telling me I was bad at planning things when I planned everything

    Why would a guy not ever take a girl on a date? I did everything for him instead like I was a man and I was so ashamed now

  29. Co sleeping is always a risk. Why is it worth the risk instead of just having a bassinet next to your bed? What % of risk are you willing to add to your baby’s death

  30. did GF receive the voice message? If she hadn't bothered to listen, did you make her retrieve it? Because that should have diffused much of the situation. Plus your friend could have explained as well, and backed you up.

  31. I would say to your GF that you guys may unintentialy be getting too close if her coworkers think they are messing around. She needs to set some boundaries. I think you have reason to talk to her about it.

  32. yeah in Europe you would still be on maternity leave, and you'd get follow-on sick leave if the PPD is bad. It's really not the right time to be going back to work.

  33. Oh this is simple

    He wants someone else more than he wants you

    He desperately is trying to get with this other person, but he also wants a backup plan

    So he starts dating you

    If yall are just dating, and this other person becomes available or decides to give him a chance…then he can hook up with her and not worry about people calling him a cheater. He'll spin your dating as a casual situation

    But if you are boyfriend and girlfriend…then he can't do that

    It locks him into a narrative he can't get out of without looking like an ahole

  34. He’s treated you badly for 90% of the relationship, what do you love about this guy? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. What you are supposed to do is dump him. Don’t believe his words, words are cheap, believe his actions. He’s shown you who he is, time to accept that he doesn’t care about you, otherwise he would not treat you this way. It’s not your fault that he treats you badly, but it’s your fault for continuing to accept it.

  35. I have no problem with people taking time to process/cope. But I have a problem with them going completely silent on you and not even have the courtesy to say that they don't feel like talking to you atm. Going completely silent is abusive. And how should I know when she's ready to talk ? usually people who does the silent treatement wait for the other party to reach out. We once went more than a week without talking because she just will never reach out and when I did, she blames me for 'ignoring' her for a week.

  36. It's too many things. It's time to move on. I see no compelling reason why you should continue giving this guy chances. What's the draw? This is just self-torture at this point.

  37. I'm not saying you should do this… But next time you're playing, start asking the guys how big their dicks are…ask if they've ever double teamed a girl…just really filthy stuff. I have a feeling he wouldn't like hearing you talk to the guys like he talks to women…there is also the path where you ask guys the exact same thing they ask you. “You ever give a BJ?” “Have you?”…then I'd shoot them in the head, whether they were on my team or not.

    But what I would really recommend doing is dumping him. Good luck.

  38. It's not just her problem but I need her to come to the table for the sake of my happiness. I already compromise a lot in my life for her happiness. That's part of a relationship too.

    She's reluctant to talk about it because she's very shy about talking about sex (even saying words like “pussy” is hard for her).

    This thread has given good advice on potential solutions so I'll try and put them on the table so we can chat it out. She's recently expressed openness to talking about it so part of this thread is so I can come to the table prepared.

  39. First, I am autistic and I have been caring for dogs professionally for 15 years.

    Cacao poisoning in dogs is due to the naturally occuring chemical theobromine. If there had been enough theobromine to harm the dog (this is a matter of weight/size to content,) it would have suffered massive brain failure. Then died a painful death.

    She meant to kill the dog. She knows what she was doing. There is no way to give a dog a mild case of theobromine poisoning that is recoverable like say, a hangover or a stomach flu. She does not love animals. Get it through your head.

  40. I think it's GREAT that you're not willing to compromise on your sexual orientation

    Curious, do you see many people not doing what OP is talking about doing? It is wild to me to think that somebody in OP's position would stick it out. Have you ever seen that?

    From my POV I wouldn't think OP's POV would be praise worthy in so far as I imagine 100% of the people would do the same thing. But perhaps I'm wrong.

  41. It makes perfect sense that a straight man would not want to date a man, and would only want to date women. This is perfectly reasonable of you.

  42. I'd leave. If he still isn't sure about marriage because of your PERSONALITY then he will never be ready to marry you and honestly, he's just told you that he doesn't love you as you are. It kinda sounds like he's waiting on something “better”.

  43. Whether your goals were previously stated or not you've certainly got every right to change your mind at any point (prior to having kids). You're both 21 and shouldn't really even be thinking about marriage/family yet. Just tell him this is the quest you're on and let him decide if he can handle being with you or not. Allowing a romantic partner to dictate your future is one of the worst mistakes some people make. Whether it's choosing a college that's not right for just to be together or in this case, not pursuing your dreams, relationships are supposed to be a net positive to our futures. They're never meant to hold us back (and make us resentful). If he can't be supportive you need to truly consider what you're getting out of this arrangement.

  44. What are you talking about?

    You’re already well in your way to that. This woman didn’t have Reddit to ask 10 years ago in her relationship advice. You do and you’re still confused as to what to do. He already told you he isn’t going to marry you and you’re still there.

  45. You're only the problem in that you're putting up with his bullshit.

    You should have been out the door when the stonewalling started.

    Move on and stop thinking about him before you think about yourself. He's dead weight and he doesn't want you.

  46. You grow a pair and stand your ground.

    Tell her you are leaving. Then leave. Don't take a no or a I'm so sorry from her as an answer.

  47. I know, the last two days when I ask him how he’s feeling he says “sad” but then does this and goes out for dinners and stuff. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep since find out out I feel so sick and I know everyone handles everything different but to me this is not ok

  48. Then I would go with that.

    Long distance relationships are tough and rarely end well and he probably just wanted to spare you both. I know I'd never do it.

    And even if that wasn't the case and he just wasn't feeling it, then oh well. It happens and it can be hurtful if you were interested, but things don't always work out. There are other people out there that would be very happy to be with you.

  49. I don’t understand the question you’re trying to ask, but she’s obviously under no obligation to remain friends.

    OP did not suggest she had shown no interest, btw. Which is pretty fundamental to the point that just offering NSA doesn’t necessarily make a person a creep. People offer NSA arrangements to parties they think are interested all the time. In this case, OP asked, and then accepted rejection respectfully. That’s not creepy. It’s just poor judgement.

  50. I would't say it was worse, it was the same as the last time.

    I think she might have problem with controlling emotions, when we fight she insults me sometimes. Two times she threw my bed sheets because I was ignoring her after she insulted me and she wanted to talk (I know it's not nice to ignore but I just said to her that I don't want to talk).

    She does not lash normally, only during an argument. My problem is that we will have many arguments in our lives, just like every other couple and if she will insult me from time to time I won't be able to handle it…

  51. The problem with this is that the girl has to learn to communicate like an adult and don't expect from her bf to understand everything in Just six months he knows her.

  52. ah i see quite unfourtnate it has to be like that, i care about her and the baby…wish it didnt have to be that way…

    thank you for your reply though it is very helpful

  53. Lol, it just shows vast majority on this sub are ~14yo girls. Everyone should keep this in mind when taking “advice”.

  54. You don't have to be fat to be diabetic. They're not all weight related. Also, kidney issues can have multiple causes. He really should see a doctor because if it is his kidney, the damage us permanent as kidneys don't regenerate.

  55. Clearly this is a partner who is unwilling to make important compromise for you. Not a good match if you ever like, needed her to do something for you.

  56. Wtlhy would he want a sexless relationship. He's even lying to himself. Would he have cheated , or just become resentful, or what?

    You did her a big favor.

    He needs some help.

  57. I can't help but think there's more to it than this. Everyone's quick to jump on this guy, what's going on with him internally though? Not a good reaction of course not, but hard to judge a person's entire character and merits on a paragraph. Whatever is inside him that is pushing him to react like this, he not only needs to work on that, but also ensuring those things don't cause him to lash out at you like this. Or he's just a heartless asshole, I don't know. I like to believe there's 3 sides to every story, and there's kids involved here, it's easy for people on the outside to instantly say leave him, but it's not that easy is it. Some counselling is in order here, together and apart for both of you.

  58. I became a type 1 diabetic last year, which is arguably worse, as I’m completely insulin dependent. It’s not diet related in my case, it’s just my pancreas doesn’t make insulin anymore. It was a result of cancer treatment.

    I completely take care of myself. I work out 6x a week. I eat healthy. I take care of a dog. It seems like your girlfriend is extremely poorly controlled, which means she isn’t following the proper diet and exercise and medication protocol for type 2s. I’m not sure what exactly she expects you to do for her? She’s capable of taking care of herself and it sounds like she’s choosing not to.

    It’s reasonable of you to not want to continue to enable her to not control her diabetes and play caretaker to someone that isn’t willing to help themselves. The issue here isn’t diabetes but that she is just letting herself go and not making the necessary changes to live her life normally again. She can find a diabetes educator to meet with weekly to help her get her diet under control so she doesn’t feel so terrible running high sugar all the time. But if she’s not willing to do the work, this won’t improve. I personally wouldn’t be with someone who didn’t care enough to take care of themselves. This isn’t like you’re leaving someone in cancer treatment, this is a choice she’s making to let herself go. Managing my diabetes as a T1 is a ton of work, but you just have to do it.

  59. Move on. Break up and find someone else that you can use for comparison that won't treat you like this so you can learn what other relationships are like that actually involve communication.

  60. Even if you were cheating and it was another woman, and I hate cheaters with a passion, she still would be committing assault

    She could have killed you, or the other person, I’d the lamp had hit on the head, or the glass had sprayed further

    She doesn’t get to just pass blame

    You give her a choice:

    Therapy or become Co-parents

    You cannot allow this to just slide

    She physically assaulted you with a lamp. I know a lot of people have this idea that you can just beat up your cheating partner or the person they are cheating with

    But you can’t

    You especially can’t with a lamp

  61. Yes! I think that's exactly what he's trying to say. It took HOURS trying to deduce that!

    No I wasn't joking, he's a therapist but mostly works with children. I think the way he has to communicate with them (small words, lots of examples) shows up in our adult relationship communication and presents as “I don't like you” instead of “I'm frustrated” or “you're being stubborn”. I communicate much more concisely than he does and I'm I more conscious of my word choice (I'm a high school teacher).

    I have the same question about him staying with me. Is he here because she doesn't NOT like me or his he staying despite that?

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