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Date: October 3, 2022

38 thoughts on “? HERE, ‘S ABBY ? WELCOME EVERYONE! LOVENSE SEX-MACHINE REACT TO YOUR TIPS! LET’S MAKE A GREAT SHOW TOGETHER! the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Red flag after red flag after red flag. You’re walking on eggshells after he blew up at you because he was unhappy about a completely different person (your ride). He said he loved you too early, he’s still obsessed with his ex, and when you try to break up he sees the writing on the wall and lays the “love” on thick.

    You know what to do.

  2. A lot of people have zero interest in being with or dating more than one person at a time. It doesn't mean he won't reinstall Tinder if you guys don't work out.

  3. Man, it's been 3 months. You should still be in your comeoletely in love head over heels phase. Instead you're dealing with some pretty intense issues.

    While on one hand, I can understand dad would want to get more involved, especially around holiday time, staying over is crossing the line imo. And your girlfriend is seemly fine with it.

    I'd say cut your losses.

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  5. Baby showers are usually a lot later than two – four weeks after conceiving. Most women don't even know they are pregnant that early. This is why Texas's law is so problematic. You don't have an unborn child shower. And yes, for shorthand, people call it a baby, but this does not mean that it is a baby. It is a baby when it is viable. Just as an almond has different stages of develop from sprout to sapling, so do mammals etc.

  6. I am not that familiar with this. I have heard of Bestiality. This might be some part of this. I suggest you look it up and see if this is part of it. I don't want to know any more than it exists personally.

  7. A break is a cowardly way to break up. You should assume the relationship is over. You deserve to date someone who finds you attractive at your current weight. Let him go.

  8. Wait, did she kiss him or air kiss him, that’s really different? If she air kissed him find out where she’s from since there’s plenty of countries where this is indeed a greeting. Still a bit weird that you didn’t get air kissed too, if you go to the gym an equal amount and probably know her equally well.

  9. He’s not worth it. You’re three years younger. So if he wants someone with their career established he needs to date his age or older. This smells of there being an outside force. Not you. He knew all those things and proposed. Suddenly now you at 22 not set in a career is a problem. I think there’s someone at UPS with their “career” established he’s talking to.

  10. Like models in swimsuits or lingerie?

    Ppl he crushes on? Like IRL? Does he have suggestive pics of them or like a pic of them at a party?

  11. Surely you had messaged and made plans with your family on your birthday right? Surprise parties don’t normally involve ambushing someone in their home without knowing your schedule or having someone close to you in on it.

  12. Definitely recommend therapy! I started going in 2019 and have no regrets whatsoever. It can be expensive at times, but it is also the best way to really get over problems for good. Think of the money spent on therapy as an investment in yourself (and nothing is more important than that!).

  13. What was your wife doing to keep the romance alive? I did not see anything in the post except being angry with you! Amazing how non of these helpful people have asked that. As per usual man bad woman right! Ask yourself what she was doing. If nothing that is awful as romance is a two way street and blaming you is lame as fuck!

  14. Totally agree. That's why I'm curious if he's got an actual plan, if he's taken any steps towards this goal, or if it's just a vague idea that it would be cool not to have a boss. Because supporting someone who is motivated and has a plan to make weird furniture is very different than supporting someone who just complains about every job they gave

  15. ” have been together only a couple of months”

    There, solved. You dont know the guy, no matter how much lovebombing he has done to you. He's showing his true colors. Dont be a fool and run, it will only get worse.

  16. How was that not discussed pre-marriage? If you’re dead set on keeping the marriage you both need to do a lot of soul searching and have some long, hard talks. Like you said you’re both very young. You’re still changing and growing as people. You could very well grow together, but that’s no guarantee.

  17. what kind of vape? If you go salt nic, the nicotine gets into your bloodstream a lot quicker, hence mimicking a cigarette.

  18. Fantasies with other people are great until they become a reality. Then there is no going back from that. Once many people realize it, it's too late.

    You may or may not have “pushed him” into this. He might have been agreeing with you only because he felt it was his only option to keep you happy. Plus, if he was there then at least her could have some semblance of control like requiring STD screenings and condoms even if deep down he didn't want this to happen. Perhaps you could find a few women for him to be with, maybe that would “even it up” some.

    However, I think you just toasted your marriage. He is probably sad because he just realized it and you haven't yet.

    I will NEVER understand why people in a monogamous relationship end up bringing others into the bedroom. It almost always ends up poorly. Your situation is just additional proof of it. Sorry, but you might want to start thinking of a new place to live and how to divide all the stuff up. I hope you don't have kids.

  19. He has had these friends his entire life basically and most of them are single and no we don't live together.

    He's not a big drinker and neither am I but his friends like to drink and they wanna do that for his birthday. He doesnt think I'd enjoy it because I dont really drink and there will be no other girls there but i'd enjoy just being there as his partner. I guess im more hurt by the fact that he doesn't try to have me and his friends bond in any other situations either. I get im not a drinker and his friends are, so in a drinking setting maybe we wouldn't have the best time. but im still down if it means spending time with people who are important to him. I just feel like if I bring it up with him ill ruin his mood for his bday and if he takes me at that point its bc I basically begged him to. I just dont get why he wouldn't want to keep his dating life and guy friends so separate. it just makes me feel insecure in our relationship and any time I ask its just the simple explanation that he doesn't like mixing the people in his life.

  20. You don't get a uti from anal unless he went from anal penetration to vaginal. The fact of the matter is he only likes anal but he's probably scared you'll think he's gay. You need to rethink this relationship because he not only sexually assaulted you, but when you screamed in pain, he made it seem like it was your fault. He's not a nice guy and is definitely gaslighting you.

  21. I get it, graduation is a pretty big deal. But honestly as someone who walked the stage for their PhD, it really is a boring 3 hour ceremony followed by drinks with your closest friends/family. A wedding is a 30 minute ceremony followed by drinks with your closest friends/family.

    If you're planning on going low contact with your family pick the graduation. If you plan on having a long relationship with your brother then pick his wedding.

    Do an early or late celebration with your friends if you pick the wedding. Have a cute little photoshoot with your testamer

    Personally, I'd pick my brother's wedding, but I have a good relationship with my family, so that doesn't have to be the choice you make

  22. If I were the wife, I'd want to know. Give her a say in her life. If she chooses to forgive or leave, it should be her decision. She needs to know.

  23. They have their place.

    I have handed down 5% of my money to my kids. I plan to hand down half over the next ten years.

    For info all my children own property. Currently let. Paid for. Net income. They know to sell when the time comes.

    Neither of their gf know anything about what they have. We’ve talked at length about how you tell people what you have. My eldest said he has no plans to tell anybody anything until he’s ready to marry. His choice.

  24. I feel out of the loop – is ‘Glamping’ really a thing? Ive never heard that before? I assume its just a portmanteau?

  25. Just because you break down doesn’t mean you’re actually sorry. He’s not doing anything to find out what the actual problem is/how to fix it. He basically waited for her to get over it, then when she didn’t he starts getting annoyed and upset. Of course she’s not telling him is he has this attitude.

    She even asked him for one accommodation which he immediately shot down and implied she is controlling, but didn’t try to offer alternative solutions. He needs to be open to hearing her feelings which, at the moment, he’s not.

    I agree that they should have discussed this, but in a lot of monogamous relationships seeing your partner getting off to someone else is…not nice to say the least. Yet he’s completely dismissing the idea (that many commenters are trying to tell him) that porn is the problem.

    I also feel it’s concerning to completely break down from a week or so of less affection from your partner. Idk maybe that’s just me and everyone reacts differently.

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