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  1. According to my roommate (f) and best friend (f) who both went with me to get my nipples pierced 3 years apart, there's nothing sexy about being invited. One of them hyped me up and supported me and the other did the same but was absolutely horrified lmao

  2. Gyms (and gym parking lots) are hotspots for thieves. Thieves know people take off their valuables when they exercise.

    Definitely ask the gym to check the cameras.

  3. Ya wedding would be getting cancelled, because if your fiance can't set a boundary that no one is allowed to wear a literal clown suit to the wedding, you shouldn't be getting married.

  4. I left the country for 8 months and you know what my partner did? He would stay up late to FaceTime me. Send me gifts. Always text me about anything and everything. Never once did he cheat even though he went to parties and got drunk. My partner has always been faithful to me, even we were in a LDR. You sir are a weak and pathetic man. And you are blaming her for your actions? Grow tf up.

  5. Tell the girl since she deserves to know, and then dump your best friend. Find a best friend who doesn't cheat with others' partners; she'd likely do the same to you.

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