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❤️ Welcome guys! We are Lisa 20 y.o ❤️ and Lis 20 y.o ❤️ and Nika 20 y.o ❤️ and Sharon 20 y.o ❤️, 20 y.o.


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Online Live Sex Chat rooms ❤️ Welcome guys! We are Lisa 20 y.o ❤️ and Lis 20 y.o ❤️ and Nika 20 y.o ❤️ and Sharon 20 y.o ❤️

❤️ Welcome guys! We are Lisa 20 y.o ❤️ and Lis 20 y.o ❤️ and Nika 20 y.o ❤️ and Sharon 20 y.o ❤️ live sex chat

Date: September 25, 2022

26 thoughts on “❤️ Welcome guys! We are Lisa 20 y.o ❤️ and Lis 20 y.o ❤️ and Nika 20 y.o ❤️ and Sharon 20 y.o ❤️ the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You’re not okay with him going to the strip club at all, even when you’re there.

    What the hell, where did that come from? How are you telling OP about their own boundaries?

    I obviously can’t tell what your relationship is like based off one post but it’s not shocking that he did this, anything that you wouldn’t want him to do without you is not something you want him to do period.

    Nah that doesn't track. There's plenty of things I'd enjoy experiencing with my partner if we both discussed and agreed to it first that I'd hate for them to do behind my back. It's not the action it's the honesty. E.g. going out for an expensive meal for our anniversary? Yes. Lying about working late and spending hundreds on a meal for himself? No.

  2. She claims she ended with him due to the fact he didn't like being intimate or spending time with her I told her yesterday he his putting a strain on the relationship

  3. Yeah i totally get this ! Its from 4pm in the afternoon until like 1 am potentially ! So its like taking up my whole frikkin day! I dont know the couple very well and feel awkward about even being there lol

    Also i cant drive my car atm so i will be relying on them to leave , but yeah if it was just a few hours that would be a different story 🙂

  4. Consider that routine, secular circumcision is only practiced in North America, and that it started as a secular practice as an attempt by Victorians to curb masturbation. For the rest of human history and the most of the world now, men have survived just fine without being mutilated.

  5. there are plenty of people (including me) who have been black out drunk MANY MANY TIMES but still haven’t cheated.

    you generally don’t do anything drunk that you wouldn’t want to do sober. alcohol just lowers your inhibitions so your impulses are stronger

    like no one could convince you to rob someone while drunk if it goes against your inner values and if it’s something you’d never do sober. drunk or not, i will never sing karaoke in public. or streak naked. or cheat. or break into property etc.

    also cheating is never just an accident. it’s a series of choices and bad decisions leading up to it. your bf had crossed a series of relationships boundaries before he actually cheated… so it’s not just ONE MISTAKE

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  7. Yes of course it’s difficult and no one can fully understand your position.

    And ripping a band aid off hurts and there will be pain and doubt and fear still to come

    But , you know It must happen and even you fight yourself you know it’s time and to prolong will only delay your healing .

    You are not your best you at the moment and need to be your own bestie and listen to those close to you who care for you.

    You can do it and before you know it you will start to love yourself In the way you deserve

    good luck

  8. You are 10 months into a relationship at 20, the guy dumps a huge problem on you which you say is to you a deal breaker and yet you come to Reddit. It is bad, just for the fact it took him so long to tell you and the fact that he still gambles. I will say it as plainly as possible but it is not worth pursuing.

  9. Yes, that is the message I got from her too. It seems really strange to me… but I am trusting of her and trust that she wouldn't be inappropriate with anyone. I find it really confusing but honestly, I am now at the point (especially after seeing the response on reddit), to just not go on holiday at all. This is exhausting and upsetting.

  10. You got assaulted and he’s making your trauma about himself.

    That’s fucked.

    There are people who will help you without causing you to feel they’re focusing on anyone but you.

  11. It sounds like she was very overwhelmed with work and got blind sided by being yanked away from it. She is likely stressed over her workload piling up on her and probably had organized her day in a way that would help her meet deadlines and work more efficiently. When you pulled her away from that, it put those plans up in smoke and now she was extremely stressed and frustrated and relaxing was furthest from her mind.

    With that said, you did nothing wrong. Your gesture was very thoughtful and sweet. Many women aren’t as lucky and fortunate to have such a thoughtful man. You were just trying to do something spontaneous romantic and fun, and unfortunately it was ill timed. I would suggest on work days, surprise her with candle light dinners at home. Save these kinds of things for week ends and let her know ahead of time to be ready for some kind of surprise on which day.

  12. Maybe instead of writing an apology letter you should write one that tells her how you’ve been missing her. You can apologize that you’ve been distant lately and mention that your visiting/traveling range has been severely limited lately for reasons that you aren’t comfortable discussing yet, but that things are looking better and you can’t wait to get together with her and catch up.

    She’s your friend. In all likelihood she just wants to know that you’re ok/not upset with her/thinking of her/etc.

    She may ask what is going on with your health, and in that case I don’t think you should withhold information just for the sake of protecting her (her imagination may very well be worse than reality.) You can remind her of the things she has said in the past and why that makes you hesitant to share, but let her decide how much she wants to know (obviously within your sharing comfort zone!)

    I hope this helps and that you continue to feel better and get back to your friends!

  13. Please show your work for us with shitty math skills.

    I graduated at 17 with other 17 and 18 year olds. The only 19 year old I ever saw was a guy that was short credits.

  14. It’s ok to have insecurities. It’s when you punish other people for being insecure that you’re in the wrong.

    I have my own insecurities but I tell my gf about them, I don’t verbally abuse or try to control her. It’s really that simple.

    Go find someone who trusts you. Soulmates aren’t real. Love is a choice and an effort and it can work between all kinds of people. Your soul isn’t talking to you, it’s hormones.

  15. Yikes. She sounds incredibly insecure and immature. She doesn’t sound mature enough to have a normal adult relationship. It seems like she’s got come pretty conservative & disgusting views surrounding sex and those differ from your own, which is a pretty big red flag.

  16. Yeah I started to figure that out. It was always my money going out and nothing coming in. Yet he has 2 jobs. Some people don't understand that when you get SSI, that's ALL you get. There's an outbox but no inbox if you will.

  17. I appreciate your hatred, but the logic I used is not just about this specific example I need. Why would someone sabotage his relationship over suspicion, when they can make paternity tests without informing his partner. You can accuse this of this being logic specific to me. You would be wrong in doing so, but feel free regardless.

    I know plenty of men who can empathize with women.

    My anecdotal knowledge is bad, but yours is not? Besides, I know a lot of men like that as well, so what? I know plenty that have trouble empathising in issues of periods and other things. This does not mean they raise this point necessarily, as our culture is thankfully making it seen as wrong. Now, in older days, when culture was opposite it wasn't quite so great. This is btw self admission regarding my own gender, so I am not sure why the anger?

  18. I have ADHD too, not socially inept either, but some people with ADHD are socially inept, i am a therapy student in a masters in counselling psych and they tell you that some ADHD individuals have a hard time with social ques

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