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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. 120 is underweight for most women 5’8 or over. It can be underweight for shorter people as well depending on build.

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  3. This is such a muddled, confused mess I have no idea how to respond.

    I think somewhere in there you said you didnt really have feeling and were just faking it and hoping to make it Just leave.

  4. Your parents would be equally weirded out if their daughter's boyfriend made a joke about plowing her at the first dinner meeting, too.

    I doubt this is about who's the top/bottom in the relationship, but rather first impressions of their child's partner, regardless of orientation or intimate preferences.

  5. I’ve been married for 16 years and I wouldn’t joke about fucking my so in front of my in laws, your boyfriend caused the problem not your dad

  6. I just wanted to say that you are allowed to feel sad and upset. You have been betrayed too, maybe not in the same way your sister was, but your feelings are still valid. Also they deserve each other. They both suck.

  7. I think you're making too big of a deal. Yeah the content is icky, but everyone has their own fetishes and kinks that they watch with porn doesn't mean they would do it in real life. There are plenty of rape fantasy porn, that doesn't make the watcher a rapist. Girls can read all about the abusive relationship in “50 Shades of Gray” and nobody bats an eye (even though it's just abuse and not real BDSM). You snooped and now learned a valuable lesson. It's one thing to find your BF's writings….it's a whole another story to sit down and read it.

  8. Curious as to where it was located, like what room? Where is this medicine drawer? Is it a shared bathroom or a primary en-suite or somewhere else?

    Have you had people over who could have had access to it? I know this might sound far fetched, but people do snoop sometimes especially bathrooms. Maybe someone saw it and took it.

    Either way, it’s a big leap from 1 missing pill to cheating. Especially if there is no other evidence to lead you to that conclusion.

  9. Ok I sent this

    “Hey, so I’ve talked to a few different people. They all kinda agree that I should have been more clear about how I feel. First off I’m sorry for not being specific, I swear I didn’t mean to mess with your emotions or anything. I’m just going to be as specific as I can be. I would like to get to know you more, I think you are very nice and I think we get along very well. Along with that it’s hard to find someone else who has the same passion for exercising as me and that’s one of the reasons I like you. I don’t know enough about you yet to say weather or not I want to ask you to be my girlfriend. I think we should meet outside the gym at some point and just get to know each other outside the gym.”

  10. she’s saying that she is 100% straight

    We kissed for the first time in high school (we were both drunk). Since that time we keep doing it pretty often. We even had more than that. She is always starting it first.

    Sounds like denial to me. Honestly, don't bother with the heartache and find other friends. Distance yourself from her.

  11. Everyone should speak English in this day and age

    It's just weird not to, like people that don't have drivers licenses or computers

    Get with the times

  12. Would it help to get someone from a free of charge organisation (church or other) come over and help/ sit by her side/ play games with her to make her come out off her vicious circle/ help with some of the household chores help?


  13. Its personal because its her name being shortened…. OP is basically upset at someone named richard being called dick, or michael being called mike.

    OP says in comments that the friends name is Danica, and he is calling her Danny and Icka. OP is insecure over nothing

  14. I mean that's not great. I feel like you should have confronted him in person to gauge his reaction to the whole 'that was a fake account' news.

    Why did sister do this?

  15. Even if there was a throwaway comment, it doesn't excuse what she did to any degree and doesn't make the relationship anymore salvageable.

  16. I didn't take it as her trying to slight her. I took it as she is seeing herself in that situation and she knows that the answer is to leave from hearing their experience.

  17. Maybe I'm being naive because I'm not experienced but I really really don't think it's for me. I kind of feel like its put me off sex full stop. I'm sure it's not always like that but I don't know when I'll ever have the guts to want to try it again. It was horrible and I just feel gross now.

  18. I think your focusing on the wrong thing (though it’s justified to be upset about it).

    Your primary ask should be that you and your GF agree that this person not be part of your lives. No hanging out, no 1:1 messaging, etc.

    Then, later later on, you two can have a generic discussion about how the two of you agree to inform each other of people pursuing each. Leave this specific example out of it, just focus on future looking perspective.

  19. Video games or not, we all (male and female) look sometimes. It might be sexual, or maybe looking at their jeans.

  20. Hi! I work in the adult toy industry and have spent the last 20 years teaching sex education to adults! Here's my take:

    Going to have to agree with the “death grip” theory, here. The cure is SUPER easy…..for you ? For him, might be a struggle.

    Y'all need a bedroom break. No sex, no masturbation, no orgasms. I'd try a good 14 days. Replace it with gentle teasing, cuddling and TALKING about your sex life with each other. At the end of your celibacy, slowly reintroduce sex. No taking it to pound town right away or going straight for that brass ring. Start at the beginning (hands, mouths) and work your way back up to PiV.

    Once you've reset yourselves, come up with a good routine in case you have to do it again. (You'll probably have to do it regularly unless you plan on having far less anal sex).

  21. This man is a nutjob. Shitty people will often make you feel like the problem but there is nothing here suggesting that's the case.

    You married the wrong man.

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