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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. I get it, I really do. Honestly good luck in whatever decision you make. Maybe update though if you feel like it.

  2. Thank you. He tapered the meds off slowly, I wasn't sure he should come off them after only a few months but he kept saying he wanted to show me that he was better and everything was okay with us, he went to pains to tell me how happy he was with me once he came off them, I think to try and reassure me we were okay (which seems wild now).

    During one of the conversations a couple of weeks ago he said he started having flashes of low mood episodes/worries from November which possibly ties into coming off the meds in October, I'm not sure

  3. Right, she's not the one who followed someone drunk who went to bed alone. And she was asleep while this guy was found with his hands on her. There's no indication she did ANYTHING except get into bed alone and fall asleep.

  4. People like that are a hard pass.

    You want to believe in a higher power? If it helps you love your life, great.

    You want to deny proven science? And preach to me about my wrong doings? Yeah hard pass on that person as a whole

  5. Hire an off duty cop, tell your fiancé that if he shows up in anything but a tuxedo you will not under any circumstances get married. In my opinion, you should have called it off already

  6. well she just recently called me and said it's best if she takes space from the heavy topic tonight because of an important meeting tomorrow. but she's down to chat tonight if i'd like. i'm going to try it. but i feel like my walls are up because i dont want to become closer or more vulnerable to someone that might not be around anymore lol…. you know? a part of me is pushing myself to chat lightly and friendly, to show her that i'm still me…. but the other part of me knows it might hurt doing so

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