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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Did you check on his company, i think he is very much in the same job and in the same city! The feeling of hate and revenge will fade over time but if you need closure then just know he is still there but just wanted to end with you. I suggest you pick up a hobby, meet like minded people, it is ok to cry and take a day at a time to move on!

  2. You are totally free to, as you said.

    That being said in a tiny town called dandridge Tennessee back in the 90's my aunt did the same thing. She didn't come back. We don't know what happened.

    I'm from Humboldt county California. Look into Humboldt sex trafficking rings. Or the documentary murder mountain (I'm one of the rescue workers dragging the river for dead bodies). All I'm saying is 94 thousand girls a year is 94 thousand reasons to not travel alone long distances as a female. Life is cruel, a parent is trying to protect you. I'm 30, and a father. I see your side and theirs.

    The world is a scary place and they are trying to protect you. Getting kidnapped and thrown in a van mid gas station stop like my mom back in 1970, God knows what to my aunt in 1990. Or followed and rammed off a road then have 5 guys try to drag you out until a cop showed up like my niece in 2017.

  3. I wish I could upvote this 10,000 times! Well said.

    Also it just builds resentment that will become impossible to shake.

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  5. OP, you’re not in love with her; you’re in love with someone who doesn’t exist. The woman you’re in love with is someone she pretended to be and not who she really is. Who she really is, is a woman who tells you lies constantly and does whatever the hell she wants to do WITH ANOTHER MAN! Explore her bisexuality? One lunch meeting that went no where and she starts sleeping with another guy who’s married to someone else for crying out loud! She has sex in his house with his kids sleeping in their rooms! She’s a horrible, selfish cheating person.

    Don’t keep her as your wife. You deserve better.

  6. He's clarified the situation a little bit, so I agree. He should have broke it off with her when she cheated on him the first time. She obviously has a problem with being honest and up front in a relationship.

  7. There's really only 1 thing you can do now. Start stealing everyone's food. Eventually after enough questioning you admit that your boyfriend doesn't allow you to eat at night because he wants you to be skinny for him. This will eventually lead to you having to fake your boyfriend's death which is a whole other bag of worms, but in the meantime you get free food so there's that.

  8. As a middle aged woman who has been through many phases of life and weight – pregnancies, medications, peri-menopause – I’m telling you that you need a life partner who accepts those body changes. Even if you are never overweight, you still need to know that he would love you if you did.

  9. You clearly value your relationship with Bob more than your relationship with your fiancé. I would disinvite Bob, his cunty wife, and any friend who would side with them. You have to stick up for your future wife, you’re acting like a little boy who doesn’t want to hurt it broships. Grow up, and act like a man who defends his wife.

  10. It's fine to delay the moving in together until you feel comfortable enough. Because if you are not ready and fully sure about it then you really not going to have a good experience living together. And if you do end up deciding to move in then talk about what kind of arrangement or boundaries would be necessary for it can easier for both of you. Like if you need your own personal space for you can relax in.

  11. Huh? So your saying she was “born that way” and that’s always been her gender. It’s how she was born and not something she can choose. I don’t think that’s the pro-trans argument you think it is.

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