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Yulya, 20 y.o.

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Date: September 26, 2022

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  2. Hey. Internet mom here. I read your post and then scrolled back up to check age. I truly expected to see he was still college age. A 32 year old man behaving like this is not something that I would tolerate. Sleeping through dates, calling you weird. Think about it. Listen to your gut.

  3. I understand, but if you just dump her without reason, how is that going to make you feel?

    You didn't answer my question. If she improves her grooming habits, would you want to stay with her?

  4. D – Denies responsibility A – Attacks you R – Reverses roles of V – Victim(you) and O – Offender(the abuser, ie. him)

    Does any of this sound familiar, OP?

  5. Jesus christ dude.

    How disrespectful if your friend to go behind your back for this. It's one thing to take cute pictures as a gift but ANYTHING more should have had your consent and have been talked about beforehand.

    Also super disrespectful of your wife to do without mentioning something first. Both of them suck.

  6. I would say it became your place when you learned about this. Not sure how you learned of it or it came up but around that time it probably became your business.

    You can also ask him if his fiancé knows or why don't you two ask his fiancé together to see her reaction. Since its not such a big deal.

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