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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Yeah you need to step it up and here’s why – her job is actively damaging her body. Her back, her hands, etc. and chores exacerbate some of those things, like washing dishes makes drawing harder later because your hands are raw, always have to use gloves, there’s lots of additional considerations for her, you should see if there are specific chores you can do instead that perhaps are more straining on her hands and stuff. Like I’d rather sweep and vacuum and do laundry than wash dishes, myself.

  2. Precisely. And it isn't uncommon at all for men trying to hook up with their pregnant significant others kin while their wife is “out of service” for pregnancy.

  3. It's a troll, look on their post history they go from being either male or female from various ages.

  4. Of course she does.

    There is a risk here.

    It would be a no from me or a prenup, indicative but sometimes not persuasive solution.

    There's been many a fool…

    Good luck

  5. This should be a hard pass for you. There is not a damn thing you could do about it if she suddenly broke up with you and demanded that you leave. Let her find her own apartment and she pay 100 percent of the rent, deposit and various fees if she wants it to be completely hers.

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