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Date: October 1, 2022

6 thoughts on “Vikki and Sofi the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Where to begin? There's a lot in this post.

    It's not likely that you're doing anything wrong. Your expectations of people may be unrealistic, and you may be impatient, but that's not really wrong in the sense that you're being bad.

    Most people enjoy good sex. Not as many enjoy good conversation. You probably look like sex with you would be good. It's hard to guess by looking at someone whether a conversation with them would be good. The other important thing to note is that the desire for good sex tends to be more urgent in young men than the desire for good conversation.

    In other words, I don't think you should be surprised by the attention you get. You just might have to make more of an effort to find what you're looking for.

  2. This seems like an unstable marriage. She sounds insecure. Either she's used to men cheating on her, so she assumes you are, or she's cheating. Or something else.

  3. You're being obtuse, bub. And grow the fuck up regarding language and 'rhetoric'. I don't have to sugar coat this shit for you. A good friend wouldn't go out of their way to sugar coat something just in the interest of, well, I don't know, appearances sake? Fuck that, I appreciate bluntness from my friends.

    She dug a hole (didn't inform OP of guest at a sensitive time of day), then kept digging (insulted his ability to be perceived as the husband she wants), then dug some more (the doesn't 'deserve' dinner thing), and again (is still angry hours later). He, at worst, blew off a guest.

    There is this middle ground walking BS you are talking about, which has appeal at times, but not here. You can try to keep an even keel all you want, but you have to be honest with your spouse that her behavior was fucked. She was way the hell out of line and he was, at worst, mildly impolite to a guest. Again, a guest and for just a small moment of time at that. She is doing this to her husband now over a prolonged evening.

    So, break it down like this.

    What does this whole incident say about him: He can be slightly impolite when tired and feeling bad.

    Now her: She is very inconsiderate to her own husband, apparently cares very little about his own emotional and physical health, and will be verbally and emotionally abusive towards him if he doesn't perform in the ways she wants in order to apparently impress friends, which might apply to other situations.

    So yeah…. there are some deep ass concerns here assuming she can't come around and see how fucked up her behavior was. And while, yeah, OP could have done things to avoid the situation (not necessarily even should have, but could have), but was her response proportionate to his actions? Clearly no. So what's the lesson for OP? Walk on egg shells the rest of his life because minor infractions against her desired behavior was cause huge issues?

    No, fuck this shit bub. She is holding a grudge and attacking him when he doesn't fell well. All because it causes her image problems with her friend? Jesus, if I was her friend I'd be totally understanding. Her husband came home from a rough day and doesn't feel good. Like cool, I'll peace out, no big deal…. Anyway, that's enough words here. If you don't get it, you won't ever.

  4. We haven't even gone over past relationships so I don't know if I'm his first girlfriend. I kind of hope I'm not just because I don't want to emotionally babysit him.

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