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Date: September 24, 2022
Actors: mia-rendon

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  1. Damn is it that bad ? and yeah I'm definitely trying to keep my expectations low as I already hyped myself up once b4, we've had that onto as well, (him asking me if I would be okay if we never got married) and I told him I'd probably wonder why/doubt myself in all honesty, but that I'd be happy just being with him regardless of marriage.

    financially we've actually already consolidated our debts together, and we've both said that even after proposal prob wouldn't actually get married for 2+ years or so after.

  2. Im just so confused. Did he not explicitly say he was gonna by it himself? Like did he… expect her not to buy it after he said he was going too, than didnt? How much time passed? What if he was concerned about them both buying the watch? What if neither of them get and bystander effect this? Seems like a dumb problem that simply better communication could solve. Did he explicity say he wants this as a “gift to himself from himself” or a “gift to himself”

  3. A background check just makes sense, although a bit weird this far in. I feel like everyone should have a background check before marriage (I think this might be a thing in some states anyway?).

    But she doesn't need your permission to do that. It's public information, she can go online (in some states) or in person (in all states) to her courthouse and look you up. She can check for any marriage or divorce certificates too (in many states).

    The therapy part is nonsense. Therapists aren't going to be able to check if you're an abuser and I doubt they'd be willing to discuss your sessions with your gf, even with your permission.

  4. She's jealous of a pillow. An unthinking, unfeeling, inanimate object that is altogether featureless.

    A pillow.

  5. Thanks and I do love your suggestions for at home stuff. I’m an idiot when it comes to ideas like that (or even going out). I think our interests have changed over time too so we don’t match on nearly as many points as we once did. For example, she’s grown much more outdoorsy while I’ve just become more inclined to stay inside.

  6. Could be. I haven't seen it work out like that irl yet though. I've seen the marriages of two friends come asunder in the aftermath of threesomes, where everyone involved was saying “we're strong and secure enough for this”. They weren't.

    I'm not sure statistically the odds of this being absolutely fine (maybe my friends are a particularly insecure bunch, who knows?) but I wouldn't wager a marriage on something I'm so unsure of (as OP is clearly).

  7. Sexual assault never just affects one person. One person obviously has it the worse but it emotionally affects all their loved ones. You are one of their loves ones. Just remember that.

  8. She's lonely. Does she drive? Perhaps you can help her find fun activities. Is there a Senior Center in her area?

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