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  1. I have talked with him but I don't think I made it clear what I saw as cheating. Also when that girl messaged me I did ask him if I could look through his phone and I didn't find anything. I do plan on talking about it with him more. He does know what my ex did and his ex cheated on him. Thank you for your advice though, I do believe it will help me with more of a plan on going further!

  2. I don’t feel I did anything wrong

    Of course you don’t. You’re the guy who preys on teenage girls.

    And if that’s the case, did I dodge a bullet?

    Nope. But SHE sure did.

    Date women your own age, if they’ll even have you with your behavior.

  3. Exactly. I keep asking myself how? How can she present is this angelic person who loves animals and babies but she’s also defending a pedophile. I have steam coming out of my ears trying to extract any logic from this. She’s a dog walker and a newborn postpartum doula how on earth can she be those things and a pedophile sympathizer, there’s no logic, I struggled to accept it because it makes no sense. Another red flag is she gave a a stuffed animal baphomet doll and baphomet swaddle blanket to a newborn baby boys mom for Christmas (one of her clients). I confronted her and said “isn’t it kind of weird to give gifts associated with satanism to a newborns mom, is that going to be received well?” She freaked out on me and said I was judgmental and not everyone believes in the same religion as me and that I needed to be more accepting. Idk if that was right or wrong but it’s a red flag Imo

  4. You are actually so dumb. This person is clearly dead set on being a couple and you not only strong her along but then say you want a child together… and still expect that to not feed into her delusion. Okay.

  5. People say they adore me…but I don’t actually get invited to anything.

    Hi I'm here too, you are not alone

  6. It’s not a you problem, it’s a him problem. And he has to phone a gynecologist for an appointment on how to prevent pregnancies. That will ease his mind.

    Until then, none of this nonsense. No sex until he’s made the appointment!

  7. I don’t need to read them, I literally wrote them. I’m asking if you can point out where specifically I defended anyone. You can’t, because I didn’t.

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