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  1. You should not have to learn to detach after a year in a relationship, that’s not normal. I certainly don’t know him and I don’t know what his issues are but this is concerning.

  2. Id leave my partner in a heartbeat if I was in this situation. So disrespectful to her n lying is the number one dealbreaker for me. U say u lie over insignificant things n that u have reason to because of the past… bull fucking shit. Ur just trying to create a false narrative where you’re not doing anything wrong (woah is me!! I can’t help the lying it’s not my fault!!! I’m a good guy I swear!!). Stop downplaying what you’re doing and lying to yourself.. All of ur comments sound extremely delusional n out of touch. Get a grip

  3. Shes not lazy and selfish, she doesn't have a libido because one of the biggest organs for women's arousal was cut out. If he wants sex it is his job to express those needs to her and not expect her to guess when he wants sex

  4. This stinks. Discussing this before leaving will undoubtedly cause an argument which makes cheating while you’re gone more likely. Maybe you could remind him how much you care for him and appreciate him before you leave.

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