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  1. So if masturbating stretches your Cooch out then surely him jerking off and squeezing his dick makes it smaller every time, right?

    Your BF sounds a little gross frankly. Many women can't orgasm from sex so masturbation is their only way. This is misogynistic crap.

  2. To me it sounds like she needs therapy before she is ready for a serious relationship. These are all signs of someone who has chronic mental illness stemming from trauma. For some people in these situations therapy can take years or longer. You love her, but for someone with unhealed issues like this, romantic relationships actually enable their mental illness.

    I’m sorry because it’s a difficult position for you to be in. You aren’t responsible for her mental health, but you love her so of course you care. Ultimately it will take her finding a way to self reflect and admit the extent of her issues before she can get help and get better. It’s up to you whether you stay with her or let her go, but speaking from experience this kind of situation is detrimental to your long term mental health.

  3. I checked the posting history because the reply was weird and off topic.

    The RA rules won't allow me to mention which hateful subreddits that person has an ideological alignment with.

    Back to your question- I would consider it a yellow flag/ libido killer.

  4. If someone cared about you, they would not do this. He does not care about you. You deserve someone who would respect you, love you and appreciate you. That is not him

  5. Thank you, I really appreciate that. I've been beating myself up for not even seeing any signs and have literally been questioning every single thing. I'm going to break it off with him. Just the fact that I have to interact with him because of our child will make things so much harder for me

  6. So the group you're going with consists of a cheater (2 if you include the manager), a person who doesn't respect anyone's relationship and is happy to cheat with married people/ people in a relationship. If we exclude the manager there are 2 people with whom your friend Hannah have been intimate. My question to you is why are you so desperate to go on a trip with this group? Can't you and your boyfriend make plans to go to Scotland if you really want to?

    Also your title should be

    My bf (29M) doesn't want me (28F) to go on holiday with work colleagues colleagues including a few who have no respect for relationships.

    My bf doesn’t think Hannah cares about me, and that she doesn’t like the fact I'm in a stable relationship, and she doesn’t have my best interests at heart. He thinks she wants me to be lonely like she is.

    Your boyfriend is smart enough to identify this. You're taking relationship advice from someone who is not in a relationship but is someone who is happy to ruin someone else's relationship.

  7. Dude she is using you and you are letting her doing so. She is manipulative asf and I bet that you you break up with her, she might have another dude on the line. You are too naive. She doesn't want to waste time breaking up with her bf but doesn't care about making you lose three-four years of your life knowingly that she just want you for the sex and nothing else and this will be going on until you stop her.

  8. You’re feeling like that because your boyfriend is manipulating you. There’s no other reason for him to tell you those things. He’s trying to undermine your self confidence. He is not good for you, and he is not going to stop however many times you ask him.

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