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Date: September 27, 2022

12 thoughts on “ErikaMonero live webcams for YOU!

  1. Sounds like he needs to be trained like a feral dog. You can’t feed them or pet them, and it’s super counterproductive and harmful to punish them. The only thing you can do is deprive them of attention. Socializing is really important to dogs, so they will eventually learn some self-control just to be allowed to see your face.

    Every time he says it, literally turn your back and deny him any attention until he self corrects. Right now, when he does it he gets attention, even though it’s negative attention, and it seems to be reinforcing the unwanted behavior. Try shutting down and leaving the room/conversation. Or maybe the relationship. It’s terrible behavior.

  2. It doesn't really sound like she's just in it for the food, or you paying for the food, I don't see any reasons here why you wouldn't take her at her word, that she's looking for a relationship. Its not uncommon for people to be less comfortable receiving than they are giving, and sometimes dates will build up to that, body image issues could also be a factor. If you feel confused about what she wants from the relationship you can just ask her.

  3. Ma’m that nigga ain’t shit you worth more you’ve tried enough and it ain’t working you’re just hurting yourself and what you mean he going to swinging parties without you that’s just straight cheating

  4. He sounds too immature to distinguish between an ideal woman an life’s reality.

    I’d move on because he will spend all of your future relationship trying to control how you dress, how you look, what weight you are, whether your boobs are big enough etc.

  5. Aww you are so cute and innocent.

    In 4 years you will realize 40 other guys have already done what you are doing. And that sending her a message isn't some special act of kindness. There is no point having anxiety about something she probably won't read or get bro.

  6. I like how you glaze over she spit on him. That’s assault. They both are wrong. Try to not give a one side opinion

  7. I agree. Fuck I’ve even done stupid shit like kissed a girl when I knew a girl who liked me was right there. It just…happens a lot when you are late teens/ early 20s? I dunno maybe this new generation is a bit harsher on these things?

  8. Think about why you feel guilty. Explore that. You can’t be with someone just because you don’t want to make her sad (which I don’t think she is). She is manipulating you and minimizing her actions in all this.

    If she was serious about getting back together, she would start right away with showing you she is trustworthy. To me, it feels like she wants to keep her options open until she gets back.

  9. Good for him.

    The only thing for you to do is accept the consequences of your actions. You made your bed now lie in it.

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