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Date: September 25, 2022

8 thoughts on “Newlisa2018 live webcams for YOU!

  1. Coming back to add this:

    You keep pronouncing the ex as “ugly” as if it were an objective and undeniable truth. This just highlights how far up your own butt your head is, and how unwilling you are to see value in anything that isn’t attached to you.

    You aren’t the arbiter of beauty.

    There are some top models who were called ugly in school, and I’m sure plenty of people still think that they are.

    Now, I’m not saying that your bf’s ex must be a model, or even beautiful. But we don’t all see everyone the same way, and no one is universally attractive. There is no one standard. And this may come as a shock to you, but people who truly love each other find them beautiful, and see their beauty.

    I feel sorry for people like you, who get so hung up on conformity and uniformity that you can’t appreciate anything that isn’t some homogeneous iteration of the same old bullshit.

    Ironically, that’s the same kind of person who will wear the same clothing and makeup as everyone they know, who all wear the same hair and makeup as everyone on a reality tv show, and they all go to the same plastic surgeons, and millions of people all wind up looking exactly the same, and yet every single one of them is doing so “to express their individuality, this is who I am.”

    Then along comes someone who isn’t trying to look like you, or god forbid, is even unapologetic about it, and you decide that she’s ugly.


    Unless of course, that’s NOT you, and you realize they maybe you’re just getting in your own head too much, overthinking things, and maybe getting a little carried away.

  2. That could be manipulative on her part and a strategy to avoid the discussion. She could also legitimately be feeling attacked. Ask her how you should approach this if she feels this way every time or perhaps seeing a couples counselor would help.

  3. That’s the issue, I come from a very low income family and I’m living in relative poverty and I can’t afford therapy right now but I completely understand your point and I see it. Thank you for your honesty and your advice because I see so much more now. Do you think it’s better off if we split until I’m not in this state and until I’m ready for a healthy relationship?

  4. True, but guys can be cruel about it. If they're in sports on opposite teams, the likelihood of 'how's my dick taste?' is near 100%.

  5. That’s not even a matter of whether you should run. Gtfo right now dude she’s a phycho. File a police report.

  6. If you don't like where he is at career, goal and money wise (and it's not likely to change) perhaps you ought to find someone at your “level”.

    Maybe it's a confidence issue that your fiance needs to work on and things could improve in time?

  7. I know you’re right. Have you ever been through something similar? She blocked me and all of her friends posted her on their socials. Looks like they all went out and had a ton of fun the same evening that she told me this. I feel so unbelievably alone

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