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  1. If anyone in these comments makes you feel weird or wrong for this DO NOT listen to them. You read things on a daily basis that have zero effect on your mood or mental health. This thing made you feel weird and pushed you to Reddit, so it is your right to address it, especially since she obviously wanted to brush it under the rug by closing and scrolling through. Chances are, it made you feel weird because she told you she wasn’t that kind of girl in the past and made you prove yourself worthy. Also be wary as that guy could still be lingering are as a “friend” or “like a brother” it’s a story as old as time. If that’s the case don’t let that slide, she’s a liar point blank. So address the situation and clear the air, don’t let these vultures on Reddit disregard your feelings as a man. This will show you her true character ask her for an explanation which you’ll probably get trickle truths. If you aren’t satisfied with the explanation or left with more questions than answers reconsider if you want to be with her. The past is the past, and she has every right to live her life as she sees fit but you do not owe her acceptance or understanding for actions you don’t agree with or that make you feel weird. All the best, and do not sacrifice your mental health for anyone OP

  2. So if your partner is sick and dying you are ok with her family potentially giving you the boot because you have no rights in that hospital room. And if she dies they get all her possessions and money etc because you have no legal rights. If you share a house they may even have a legal stake in it..

    Marriage has legal protections both ways.

  3. There are stylists who can recommend on suitable colors, styles, etc. You can try booking a consultation with one of them.

    Sometimes you have an idea what would look good on her, but after she puts it on, it totally doesn't work, even if differences are visually not distinctive (situation – me and my mom seemingly have similar body shapes and wear the same size of clothes. We do trade clothes, but sometimes the item that looks perfect on her, looks meh on me, even of the size is the same).

  4. Then call the cops on my ex girlfriend, and on about 10-15 of my teammates because I did sexual things with her and I saw the dicks of 10-15 “adults” when I was younger in the locker room and we’d also assault each other with towels or kick boards. I was brutally assaulted by supposed full grown adults who hadn’t graduated high school yet and still lived with their parents and had most of their expenses paid for? also call the cops on all of the 18 year old seniors dating 16-17 year olds who they’ve been dating before they turned 18. Call the cops on me too because I would also towel whip kids on my team after I turned 18 and wasn’t even in fucking college yet. You must’ve been homeschooled if you think that once someone turns 18 they have to stop dating people or stop being friends with people that they’ve known for years. Many states have laws to protect kids from people like you, ever heard of the Romeo and Juliet law?

  5. Insist on the divorce. You don’t want to stay tied to someone who is only with you out of pity and betrayed you. You deserve to find your own happiness.

  6. ….and philosophically speaking I'm not sure that you're picking on the right person here.

    I would not have a problem if she decides to work part-time to “live” instead

  7. Work is my main struggle, I already have a hard time dealing with the social demands of my job so having all this added on and knowing we’re getting married on Tuesday just has me dreading it all. I was so excited and to have to go to work and be met with the constant negativity makes things difficult.

  8. I feel like she's probably staying in the hometown to work for her mom because being the boss' daughter is convenient. She can ask for more or less hours and her mom would probably just agree. If she doesn't have to pay anything, that probably helps her save up.

    Nonetheless, she still is making a choice. You have talked to her about it several times and got nowhere. It seems like she's ignoring the fact that this bothers you the way it does.

    You have two options. Ultimatum or break up. You could say “if you aren't going to move here within the next month, I think we should break up”. If she doesn't do it, end the relationship. Or, if you're tired of trying and getting nowhere, just tell her this isn't working out for you and you need someone who is committed to the relationship the way you are.

    Either option is reasonable in my opinion.

  9. Please don’t have a baby with him and dump him. Tell him he has changed and you no longer find him attractive

  10. I lived this life. Run. Just get away from this man. He won't change and he won't be faithful. There will always, always be an excuse for his behavior. And you will always be wrong. If you're upset….wrong. angry….wrong, plus how dare you be angry. No reaction? That's wrong too.

  11. would your answer change if I had made suggestions as to what I would renovate, and he vetoed it? As in, “I would like to change the bathrooms because the tiles are so stained they can't be fixed, the toilets don't flush well, and the kitchen because the stove doesn't work.” And he said no because it's a waste of money (even though I would be paying for it). I should have put that ^ in there, but it seems like he still holds the power to even decide if I can do renovations, following his proposal.

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