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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Hi OP. I am so deeply sorry; that level of grief is incomprehensible to most. I’m a relationship & trauma therapist and I’m just wondering if you’ve seen a therapist that’s highly trauma trained? I believe this goes beyond grief therapy, and would even go as far as to say therapy without this specialized training may be harmful. I also agree with others saying individual therapy may be of greater benefit at this time.

  2. This isn’t ok. Your bf is a joke of a man. He’s being quite abusive in my eyes and you deserve much better than this.

    I lost both my parents to cancer – grief needs space, grief needs a loving witness, and grieving outside of community is incredibly difficult. Your boyfriend sounds like he wants to isolate and abuse you in the long run, and he isn’t being a witness to your grief at all, much less a loving one. This will make ever growing from this incredibly difficult loss all the more difficult.

    You deserve so much better than this.

    Branch out to friends, family, and even a grief support group. All will help. If you need any resources, just ask ?

  3. if you reach out then you must FROM THE START send evidence , screenshots or anything that will allow her to not become defensive or to go ask him about it. send her anything that will allow her to actually listen to you. good news is she is in that group anyway so is most likely going to hear you out

  4. While you are both adults, there is a lot of life experience difference between you that I think will show itself in situations like this. I hope its something you can move past and you eventually can learn to trust them, although it sounds like a complicated relationship.

    Unfortunately when you date you also date peoples history, wheter or not they are still that person.

  5. Kind of a jump to go from kissing and groping, that she admitted to, too full blown sex. But I can see how one might jump to that conclusion

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