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  1. That just makes no sense. A label is defining the dynamic of your relationship. Sex without love and commitment? “Fuck buddies”. Sex with like or love and commitment? Boyfriend/girlfriend. Sex with commitment for forever? Fiancé/fiancée or husband/wife. If he doesn’t want labels, it means he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. Next!

  2. Yes, this is out of line. She is flirting with him and clearly wants something and he isn't stopping it.

    Have a serious talk with your boyfriend about boundaries.

    And cut her out. Both of you. She doesn't respect you or your relationship.

    UpdateMe! Please

  3. Yup that’s another issue I’m working on my emotion regulation. So definitely I apologize to op if it came off the wrong ways

    Yup it’s so frustrating that women don’t get diagnosed until late in life usually either after having kids or in my case saw the adhd tik toks thought that sounds kinda like me then went to a doctor to see if it was true and it was. I personally also might possibly have autism as well but not sure I haven’t gone to a doctor about it yet cause I keep forgetting.

    Oh ya behavior therapy can help like I got a tip for when I’m public and I start getting to anxious and all that then to pick out 5 things around me that I see then 4 things I hear and so on till I get to one. It’s helped some .

    Ya definitely should have been mentioned cause as you said I feel it give context to the fact she’s not just being rude and ignoring what he’s saying to her.

    Exactly the funny thing is a lot of people with adhd don’t have alot of patience but we need people on our lives who do cause even when medicated and with therapy we will most likely still have bad days. Like you said you still struggle sometimes.

    Exactly it’s so hard to retrain your brain after so much time being down on yourself. Mine manifested in a bad way when o was in high school I would self harm cause it made me in a way feel better idk it’s hard to explain especially cause it’s been so long and my memory is not the best.

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