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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Become a supermarket donor. Get paid for it. No strings attached is what your looking for and you could always do a 23 & me or something along those lines so if the child is curious at an older age and also does a DNA, they would find you.

  2. She lied and tricked you and now giving you the cold shoulder? Typical. Kids/no kids is one of those deal breakers

  3. I'm sorry you have experienced hostility when you have opened up to your partner, that's a harsh situation to deal with. I try my best to reiterate to my partner that he can tell me anything, and that I want to know what he's feeling so I can understand him more. His ex wife in the past was a lot like how you describe your partner, she made fun of him constantly and tore down his self-esteem. I don't doubt that he has trauma from it and is impacting his ability to talk about his feelings. That's why I'm trying to do the exercises that I did with my therapist to try to get him used to opening up some, but it seems like he's getting hostile to the idea

  4. No, this is creepy and only going to get worse. It's ok if he's sad about different preferences for sleep configurations etc, but hitting the bed etc is extremely uncalled for, and quite frankly he shouldn't have this repeatedly happen because you shouldn't have to tell him multiple times. If he was crying or something I'd suggest therapy if this was someone you were deeply enmeshed with, but it's only 2 months and it's way beyond that already. Just leave.

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