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  1. I’m an overthinker and don’t really know how he sees me.

    He sees you as a sexy naive younger woman who is easy to charm and seduce. You are 7 years younger, but even greener when it comes to committed relationships.

    So, try to get beyond your physical attraction to Ben a little bit here. Also assume that Ben is untruthful about the state of his relationship because he is super hot for you too. Most men say that stuff, it's out of a template for cheaters, and it seems to work with people who lose their character for a spell.

    I feel ashamed that I even kissed him but the shame fades as soon as I see his smile.

    Now put yourself in the shoes of his girlfriend. How would you like your BF to talk about having sex with another woman at work after kissing a few times, and to have this BF claim that their relationship is rotten? Perhaps they are engaged, or close? You know nada.

    Also, consider the consequences in your working environment. I've only worked in offices for a mere 40 years, so my experience is limited, but one thing that always amazed me was that everyone knew who was having an affair with who, almost within hours of the initial infidelity. Uncanny! And the reputation of both parties, but especially the woman if she was single, suffered greatly. Sure it's unfair, but it happens.

    Sometime kisses have hidden costs.

  2. You’re in your 30s and have plenty of time to start over. Regardless of your age or what you put into the relationship, there isn’t any way to move on. You said it yourself. You can and should start over.

    I want to say this plainly: this man has proven that he can kill you. This stuff escalated and if you stay and nothing changes, it is most likely that he will kill you. He threatened you with a weapon over a simple request of being left alone. Whether he keeps his weapons or not, what’s stopping him from doing it when you get into a worse fight?

    He doesn’t work. He’s an addict. He doesn’t seem to be actively working on his mental health. He’s abusive. What do you get out of this relationship exactly that you don’t want to throw away? 2 years of you holding everything down and nothing changed positively. Don’t fall prey to the sunken cost fallacy.

    Do not marry him. Leave as soon as you safely can. Contact a women’s shelter for help and guidance. Get far away from this man and protect yourself. Then focus on getting therapy and building your life up again. You deserve to be safe, loved, and supported. Never has my husband ever exhibited any form of violence toward me when we have disagreements. We talk and come to an understanding. When we ask for space, it’s given. Your experience is so sad and abnormal. I’m sorry.

  3. My degrees are actually in biology and physical anthropology, but okay.

    I'm really just looking for things to say to my girlfriend to convince her she is wrong about this

  4. its obvious by the comments you are not mature enough, you refuse to see where you are wrong. date someone your own age, you are wasting his (and your) time. work on yourself and stop dating people half your age, this age gap is disgusting and wrong. you have come to this sub to recieve advice and people have given advice where they find it to be necessary. you have deleted your comments and have been very defensive, because you know it is wrong too. dont be daft.

  5. Hi, I’m in eating disorder recovery right now. My advice, don’t stay with her just because you feel bad for her. I was sick and refused help for YEARS, and what ultimately got me to go to treatment was a wake up call in the form of fainting behind the wheel. Thankfully everyone involved was okay, but my point is that your gf needs to be ready herself to seek treatment, or she will need to be committed if she ends up in the hospital.

    Maybe a breakup would be a wake up call for her, maybe it wouldn’t, but somebody with an eating disorder this strong cannot be in a functional romantic relationship. They can hardly even be a functional person. Most of all though, if you stay with her just because she’s sick, you’ll only further enable her ED behaviors. It sounds like her family is aware and supportive as well, so it’s not like you’d be leaving her alone with no safety net.

    Do what is best for you. And I hope your gf gets the help she needs.

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