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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. You need to leave her alone before she ruins your life. If you get her pregnant you life and earning potential will go down the drain. She needs professional mental health. Break up with her over the phone so she can't physically harm or manipulate you.

    Tell her that you care about her but the relationship is not evolving. Tell her you're not happy and want to move on. Tell her that you hope you won't need to involve the police or get a restraining order. Wish her well. Hang up and block her on all ways of communication. Tell your family and friends. Don't look back. Don't lead her on.

  2. Man, I hope this man, who doesn't have any qualms flirting and talking to a married woman, doesn't cheat on you with another married woman.

  3. Doesn't sound like rape, your not moving hands and saying yes if you're asleep. Sounds like she regretted it or felt ashamed or something else. She clearly gave concent multiple times according to you. That's really weird.

  4. Most of our relationship I didn’t mind it, but it’s just the amount of farts I have to hear that gives me the ick

  5. None of this is coercion, you were having sex you asked her to continue and she agreed.

    You asked to go inside, and said yes.

    The fuck, get out of the bubble it is insane to think you’re a rapist over this. What bullshit it must be for real victims to hear this type of “incident”

  6. I mean.. i think it isnt a form of being redpill or anything.

    He Wouldnt share his Fears and certainly not cry in front of you if he was Into this ideology.

    Has he ever been in a relationship before and how did it go? It might explain why's he's behaving like this

  7. My guy likes trying weird beers. It’s fun for him to get home to the fridge and there’s a new beer he’s never had before! Or a favorite beer that’s hard to find.

  8. Ad, your GF's abusive behaviors cannot be excused — but perhaps can be explained, especially if you would speak to a psychologist in your city. They may be due to her having very weak control over her own emotions (i.e., a lack of emotional skills she had no chance to learn in childhood). My exW has that problem. If it is an issue for your GF, you likely would be seeing 4 other red flags.

    The first is a strong abandonment fear. I therefore ask whether, a few months into your relationship, she started showing strong jealousy over harmless events involving other women — or tried to isolate you away from your close friends and family members? She would view your spending time with friends/family as your choosing them over her. Moreover, she usually would hate being alone by herself.

    Second, you would be seeing her rely heavily on black-white thinking, wherein she tends to categorize some people as “all good” (“with me”) or “all bad” (“against me”) and will recategorize them — in just a few seconds — from one polar extreme to the other based on a minor infraction.

    Because she also uses B-W thinking in judging HERSELF, she would rarely acknowledge making a mistake or having a flaw. Doing so would imply, in her mind, she is “all bad.” She thus would blame nearly all misfortunes/mistakes on you and view herself as “The Victim.”

    Further, to “validate” her victim status, she would keep a detailed mental list of every infraction/mistake you ever did (real or imagined) and would not hesitate to pull out the entire list to defend herself in the most insignificant disagreement with you. Moreover, this B-W thinking also would be evident in her frequent use of all-or-nothing expressions like “you ALWAYS…” and “you NEVER….”

    Third, you generally would not see her directing her anger at casual friends, coworkers, or total strangers. She usually gets along fine with them. Rather, her outbursts and temper tantrums almost exclusively would be directed against a close loved one (e.g., against you, a sibling, or her parents).

    Fourth, you are convinced that she truly loves you. But you frequently see her flipping, on a dime, between Jekyll (loving you) and Hyde (devaluing or hating you) — often making you feel like you're walking on eggshells around her. Such flips would occur in a few seconds in response to some minor thing you say or do. A few hours or days later, she can flip back just as quickly.

    Ad, have you been seeing strong occurrences of all 4 of these red flags?

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