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  1. Maybe because OP doesn’t want her life and personality to be defined as just a mother. She spent 8 years as a SAHM yet her husband expects her to have this kid and keep working. That is going to take a huge toll on her mental health and risk burnout. He refuses to be a SAHD so you can imagine that the vast majority of the childcare will fall on OP. That doesn’t benefit anyone, not OP, not her children or her new baby. This is hardly a stable environment for a baby when the husband is being unsupportive and refuses to find any kind of middle ground.

  2. He's lucky he didn't get bit. Touching you in anger is abuse, period. Dump his ass before it gets worse

  3. Look at property records to see if he actually live with his parents. Otherwise knock on his door when he least expects it to see who is home.

  4. Make a list of every other relationship you have ever had, friends, family. Then start listing every good thing about every single one of them. Eventually you will stop thinking about her so much.

  5. That's just not what emotional infidelity is. I honestly don't know what defining it as such is so important to you. She hasn't crossed boundaries either. And to be clear, I'm not here defending her at all. I'm just pointing out the facts.

    The only fact you need to focus on is she's questioning your relationship over a crush. It's not cheating and it's not crossing boundaries. It's simply someone who has checked out of your relationship, and that should make you not want to be in it. It seems like you need to point out that it's cheating in order to justify whatever your next move is. You don't. “I'm not going to stay in a relationship with someone who questions our relationship while having a crush.” The end.

    I'm sorry you're in this situation. I know you're hurting and it's awful. But you're focusing on the wrong thing here.

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