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  1. Idk man I probably would end it. She made you believe a lie from the very beginning and then proved to tell you that you are in “the wrong for feeling upset” yea you have a right to be because you were lied to for 5 years and she is expecting you to just to get over it nah I wouldn’t. I rather not be in a relationship that start off in lies because 1 important or big lie can end all trust

  2. I feel her coming clean to you is her actively choosing you though. Don’t go down that path of thinking, it’s a rabbit hole. If she didn’t respect you and your relationship she would have kept her mouth shut and carried on with you as though nothing happened. You feel disrespected but I feel she definitely loves you and is acknowledging how ridiculous the whole situation was/is. You have every right to be angry and be angry as long as you need to be. Maybe even have a weekend away. Perspective is required.

  3. Actually my first serious partner (assigned male at birth now identifies as non-binary but still very male presenting physically) had a little to no sex drive, and an aversion to sex because of feeling gross afterwards. We still had sex occasionally though. They felt a lot of pressure growing up to be into sex by the culture of men being horn dogs all the time. So it’s not impossible to find a male with the same sex drive as you, or one that doesn’t put sex at the top of their list to show love and affection. Your boyfriend took it pretty well in the sense of respecting you and how you feel by breaking things off instead of pressuring you into sex or becoming a cheater by looking for sex elsewhere.

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