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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. you can have a chance to go back to friends, not necessarily like before, but it includes the two of you needing to talk and make it happen. ignoring each other or being awkward and moving away from each other isn't going to accomplish that.

    you don't mention the reasons for breaking up, so it could be that she didn't want to, but things made it that way. now the air just needs to be cleared about “no hard feelings” and “return to friendship” kind of conversation. after she knows that you're OK with that status, then it's up to her when she's ready for it.

  2. Don’t go. If you can’t afford it then don’t put yourself in more stress just to celebrate one day. It’s not worth it. If he doesn’t understand then he’s not the right person for you.

  3. he said he used condoms and she said she was on the pill. I'm not saying there isn't something iffy here but having sex with your girlfriend was the foul play here. It wasn't like he was being reckless.

  4. Yea I have been out dating different guys (for a period of time) while he had a gf, but I couldnt stop comparing him to others and I have no idea how to get over him.. cus its not for a lack of trying.

  5. I edited my post so hopefully you can understand the situation better. I also don’t believe in breaks but I think it’s necessary in this case.

  6. Leave. She clearly got someone else in mind and your the placeholder. Don’t talk to her her action speak louder then words.

  7. Your boyfriend is blaming you for being assaulted. He was terrible before, and he's worse now. Please remove this person from your life. So glad you're finally getting the help you need.

  8. If you are unhappy and don’t see a future, leave now. There’s no point in stringing her along. You cannot base your future on the fact that someone new won’t have met your father. Your father would never want you to stay in a toxic relationship because of that. She doesn’t get to control what tv shows you watch, and saying it’s disrespectful is ridiculous. Tv isn’t real. She needs help getting over her jealousy issues. Texting your ex is one thing I can see her being upset about. It’s time for both of you to move on.

  9. Sounds like the pandemic gave him the perfect lifestyle he wanted. To never work again and have you pay for everything and look after him and keep house.

    You have been downgraded from lover and partner to housekeeper with a requirement for sex.

    Is that what you want? Tbh I’d find that a real turn off. I like my men to be adults not little boys

  10. What do you consider a reasonable hour? And how often does this happen?

    It's 100% fine to expect communication and to expect him to be home at a reasonable hour if his being out all night affects you. But this does have to be within reason.

  11. “A young and single man 34” made me cackle. I’m not even 30 and I already feel ancient. I love the confidence ahahahahahahahahahhah

    Btw I’m not sure what kind of advice you want. But it’s going to be messy. The woman has no intention of leaving her current husband (or at least it seems so) and the man will remain the side piece.

    I guess I’m talking to the man here. Run. Run, my dude. And I’d probably suggest you to reflect on why you are seeking romance in both emotionally and physically (she is in another state) unavailable women.

  12. He said on Friday that he realizes when he’s doing it in the moment but still chooses to do it anyway. That sucked to hear, but I do want to understand that more so I can use an approach like your suggesting to try and understand his reasoning better.

    I am certain he is stressed & needs time to unwind. It’s not that I don’t give him space to do that though it’s more that I wish at least some of that time at the end of the day could include me in a way that doesn’t feel so half-assed. He stays up for hours after I’ve gone to bed to continue playing video games & such too.

  13. Dysphoria is complex, and can change over time. You know he's a trans man, so it makes sense that he would want his body to be more masculine.

    It is not your place to control your boyfriend's body. Accept that he will do what he will with his body or break up with him. Those are your only two options.

  14. Exactly. Time to treat him like a hostile toddler so he finds the motivation to leave vs going through the legal process of eviction.

  15. He’s already thirteen. In five years he will be eighteen and likely wanting to do what adults do. You will regret for the rest of your life if you let her move out of state with your kids. What she is wanting is one of the most selfish things I’ve ever heard of. Also, depending on how he has been raised, he may not want to be with you after a while. He may love it. Who knows but you could be left with nothing. Life has taught me me if something doesn’t make sense, I am missing something. What your wife is planning doesn’t make any sense at all. You need to find out more. I think she is playing you. She is offering way to much and I don’t believe she will stick to it. Her current behavior indicates she is not trustworthy.

    Just to see how she reacts, tell her you just might be able to move to where she is going and bring your new son with you, at least part time. Her reaction may be gold.

  16. So you've been together for 4 years and no one knows about you. Or have you been together for at least 5.5 years according to your other post.

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