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  1. I mean yeah that's right, I don't know your life story. That being said it's a very shitty and unattractive mindset to have in most people's eyes. Mind you, I quite sympathized with your original post prior to reading this comment, I just think it's kinda crazy you could say such a thing about your girl like that

  2. Thank you. I’m just struggling and I’m really tired. It’s hard to see that I’m good enough and what I crave isn’t asking for too much, but thank you for kind words. It just kind of feels like I’m in an endless loop where no matter how much I do for him it’s not enough for him

  3. You can try asking her out but also be prepared for a rejection

    This has happened to me and once a guy has rejected me I put my emotions in a box and set it on fire. End of romantic interest for me, might be the same for her

  4. Well I'm 42 and I've owned or lived with about a dozen dogs in my life. I'm also a landlord. Dog piss gets under the floor if it sits all day and you have to rip out the floors to get rid of it. Young people like to go out after work. They like to sleep over at the last minute. They don't like walking their big dogs in the rain so they tear up the apartment. Puppies need TONS of attention and they don't belong in a crate all day. Older dogs sleep most of the day and don't tear things up if they are low-energy dogs. Also I'm not sure why you think your state is in charge of rescue dogs, but there are lots of private organizations you can rescue from besides the city pound.

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