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Date: September 28, 2022

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    No. This is not cheating. Being fucking raped is never cheating. Doesn’t matter how “dishonest” you were about it.

    And honestly, even if it was consensual, you were broken up at the time. You can have all the sex you want, never tell him a thing, and it still wouldn’t be cheating.

    Quite frankly, you should not be with this man. Anyone who reacts aggressively to things you did when you were single is not safe to be around. And anyone who can make themselves the victim of YOUR RAPE is definitely not someone you should be around.

  2. All this in only five months? You do deserve someone better than her. Agree that you can’t support her and let her find someone else. Nothing you do will ever be enough for her. Nothing, so stop trying. She is too young for you anyway. Find someone older and more mature. Get out now.

  3. Thank you so much for this! Will research about enmeshment. He would say that it’s just like how some Europeans kiss their parents on the lips. Not sure what to feel about it.

  4. Lol nice that's one sassy remark. I actually did tell my bf that he should protest at these times. But he says that he doesn't care much about her and that she could bark all she wants. He'll just nod with a smile. And I know that he won't stop going to the group meet-ups as the rest are very good friends of his, including that girl's current boyfriend. He just doesn't give her presence that much importance.

  5. If you were supposed to be exclusive, then yes, you cheated. That’s what exclusive means, you’re in a relationship that excludes others.

  6. My suggestion: delete your dating apps (you shouldn't lose the login info if things don't work)

    Text him you were thinking of him when you were so disgusted by seeing a dating app on your phone that you deleted them all. Tell him you look forward to his next visit.

    Info: how far away is this (Rhode Island to Connecticut is much closer than say Houston to Oklahoma City)

    Are you able to visit him on occasion?

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