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Date: October 2, 2022

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  2. I think you're being harsh to your bestie. Now that you guys are both adults… I think it's fair to give each other benefits of doubt. Things happen, people get busy or they have other things to do.

    If I were you… I would focus more on putting out an invitation to a party, rather than expect them to remember everything.

    Be a bit charitable. It's not that big of a deal ?

  3. She's not leaving you because of your Mom, she's leaving you because you don't have a spine and you are not supporting her enough. You are being “Switzerland” and won't take sides but she's your wife and mother of your children. I'd leave you. You need to either step up and grow some balls to keep your mother at a distance otherwise your marriage will fail.

    That's exactly the reason why I left my husband: his family was bullying me (to make a very long and difficult story short) and I had no support from him whatsoever. There's just no winning if you cannot even get the support of the person you love and who loves you but cannot grow a shiny spine.

  4. I was thinking this reading as well. Especially her identifying with the characters from Girl, Interrupted. Brittany Murphy’s character is a victim of her dad’s SA and he gives her gifts to make up for it.

  5. If you can’t move past it (and I don’t blame you) then break up with her.

    Oh, and get tested if you haven’t already.

  6. At the time when he chose his first wife (OP's mom-16) it was not unusual or looked down on to date someone 3-4-5-8- years difference. It was flattering to have someone older interested in you.

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