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FUCK MY ASS, RIDE ANAL 222 [Multi Goal]

Date: October 2, 2022

4 thoughts on “Nikizum live webcams for YOU!

  1. How stupid do you think your boyfriend is? How stupid do you think reddit is? (I'll accept pretty damn on the 2nd one.)

  2. You need to fix whatever went wrong within yourself first. I don't believe you did this for “no reason other than to be a petulant child.” There were reasons, and until you identify them and work through them, what's to stop you from doing this again?

    In order to be able to make this right, you need to be able to shoe your wife you got to the root of the issue and worked on it to make sure it won't happen again. Only after this point can she know she's safe from the same consequences as she faced last time you did this.

    You also need to change your perspective from what you want to what your family need from you. You're still looking at this from a very selfish perspective. Which again makes me think you've not done the work yet.

    Don't try to reconcile until you've done the work. Your wife deserves better than you trying to reconcile for selfish reasons that ignore the underlying problem.

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