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  1. This place is full of angry 20 year olds that see the world in black and white. Not sure exactly what answer you expected to get. Maybe just looking to get insulted due to guilt?

    You've been with your wife for 20 years and you should more or less know her stance on cheating and probably can expect how she would react to the news.

    You obviously have two options, tell or not tell. Not telling is probably the easier way out but you risk her learning about it anyway and once that happens it's gonna be much worse than if you just told her normally (Edit: this also depends on the women you cheated with and her attitude – is she likely to inform your wife about it for any reason?). Then there's also feelings of guilt that you'd have to deal with every day for many years, which might be unbearable.

    Then again, if your wife is a staunch anti-cheater, even if you just tell her willingly she might still instantly divorce you. Not sure how frequent that is for more mature people, one would think that people in their 40s are unlikely to just instantly leave due to one act of cheating but who knows.

  2. Typically women don’t climax from penetration alone anyways, learn how to work the clit and you’ll hardly need to stress about penis size again.

  3. Neither would I. Both could be in college still when they met, and idk about you but I was around a ton of freshmen in my senior year. Perfectly natural to hang out with them, which can lead to dating. Reddit absolutely loves to say “ew, they're 18”, but ffs, they're adults too. Grow up.

    At 22-23 I would have and did date 18-19 year olds, because they were a huge chunk of my social circle. At 25 I wouldn't have, because I'd moved past that stage. At 32 I wouldn't dream of dating anyone 18-23.

  4. Ask yourself if this is what you want. He may well mature but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Why put yourself through this?

  5. How does it make me a predator? She wanted to date me for the past two years (on & off) and I wanted to date her… yes we are seven years apart. I understand that but she was 19 when I met her and I was about to turn 26 a few months later

  6. If what she says is true, she needs to seek help ASAP. Perhaps she can't remember! It's a thing that honestly happens. I can speak from experience and it's really amazing how the mind will hide these memories.

    EMDR therapy may be a great approach to finding the lost memories. Support her in seeking help, no joke.

    Read *The Body Keeps the Score

  7. End it, she literally doesn’t respect you or your boundaries. You’re a nice person who’s still i move and willing to see her as someone nice, but deep down if she cared, she would suggest some kind of change. Maybe not ending polyamory but something to make you feel like you aren’t just the safe choice shitter. Instead she’s willing to do everything short of opening her legs to another man right in front of you, but claim she’s getting married because she wants to spend her life with you. If that was the case why doesnt she want to spend the rest of her life with these other men she’s so close to? Exactly. Stop doing that to yourself. Don’t give yourself time to second guess yourself into postponing. End it with her and don’t see her ever again.

  8. Checking on your past post, you have every right to decide how far you want to go with a person. Some arbitrary label is not an excuse to treat you shitty, so it doesn't change the fact that this guy is an asshole. What's more, oral sex IS SEX. Nevertheless, you have a right to decide when (and with who) you are comfortable with penetrative sex with.

    Quite frankly, you are better off finding a pattern you can trust and who respects you for you, regardless of how sexual they think you've been in the past.

  9. Your boyfriend was totally okay with an entire group of his male friend seeing you in a state of undress.

    Laughing at pooping. Something we all do.

    Why would you ever want to see him again? He wasn’t loyal when it mattered. He wasn’t kind when you needed kindness. He didn’t look out for you when you are vulnerable.

    There is no relationship to keep. Dump the drunken frat boy and move on. He showed you who he is. He’ll humiliate you if his friends want him to. Why would you want this back?

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