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Date: September 17, 2022

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  1. Can't blame him tbh, many studies show that trust when broken once can never go back to the same again. Most people who forgive their partners say they never fully trust them again. So you will either have to learn with being treated like a criminal for God knows how long or leave him.

  2. You can pack up his stuff and move it out of your apartment. Change the locks. Get a security camera. And don't rule out calling the police. You might well have enough problems, but getting rid of this guy will help with a few of them.

  3. At some point in adulthood we need to get our head out of the clouds. Have you sat down and actually calculated the costs of each option? If she is shown that difference and still can’t get on board, I would wish her good luck and help her pack up.

  4. Stop dating men who don’t believe women are people. It’s that simple. He doesn’t think you are entitled to the same rights as men. Women are incubators to these men. Stop dating them.

  5. You‘re either deliberately adding details because you want to push a narrative or you didn‘t read the post properly. We don‘t know what happened exactly during the argument. OP‘s partner didn‘t “tell her to go no contact”, OP just said he thinks she should do it.

    Of course you might be right about this situation. But you can‘t just claim that‘s exactly how it is, it‘s unconstructive and not helpful at all. OP won‘t leave her partner just because some strangers on reddit like overanalyzing.

  6. I don’t think you need to overthink or justify this. It’s your birthday, you’re inviting close friends. She is not a friend of yours, she’s a friend of your boyfriend and is barely civil to you. It should not surprise your boyfriend, or her, that she wasn’t invited to this.

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