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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. He yelled at her that he hated her and couldn't stand her. Whose reaction is big again? Is this something you expect to hear from your grown up adult partner? We've all lost people we love. There's no excuse for that.

  2. Relationships evolve at different speeds and on different levels. The best thing I can say is you need to communicate and stay in the same place. Maybe she is the right person for you and maybe not. Only you are going to be able to say for sure.

  3. Americans in general seem to be a fan of this passive aggressive style of communication. Either politely say what you want or just be happy you don't have to cook and leave it alone.

  4. I’m so, so sorry. You are worth protecting and I’m sorry that he doesn’t see that.

    Are you a member of any of the “Still Coviding” groups on Facebook? They’ve been a lifeline for my mental health and you’d get really good advice and support there. Perhaps you’re already a member.

  5. Op, you were sexually assaulted.

    There is no appropriate response to Mary going forward other than EXTREME hostility. Refuse to have anything to do with her ever again.

    Get your wife into a therapist or inpatient care immediately. That or ask her what it is she wants to do moving forward because if she's this willing to blindly take the word of someone who has historically hurt her for fun over the husband who has has supported her for half a decade then wtf are you even doing together?

    In all honesty you should have publicly humiliated her long before it became years of this. A single “MARY I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING TOUCH ME, I AM A MARRIED MAN. GET A LIFE.” At a family dinner would've burned her down for good.

    If you guys recover from this your wife has to sever contact with Mary for good or your marriage will never survive.

  6. He has a pretty good understanding of how much his company will profit as it's the kind of stuff where you get paid by projects, and he has a bunch of big-money projects agreed on. Thank you for your input! I have such a hard time understanding how my boyfriend could be in the wrong since he's a very caring, socially talented person who would never hurt me on purpose. I feel like not prioritizing this little detail is dumb of me as he'd very perfect in all the other ways possible.

  7. OP’s parents are old and they are set in their ways. It is stupid her partner feels overwhelmed with something like this. It is 1 week out of 80 weeks. If he cannot live with it, he does not love OP enough. He is just trying to bend OP to his will. It is his home and HER home. She can decide to share the home. It is obvious that you neither understand marriage nor different cultures. Such an American/Western response to family issues. Such individualistic.

  8. You made “best friends” with a teenager in your kids 30s and asked her to run away with you before she even hit 20.

    You're a groomer, and you're gross.

  9. She doesn’t want me to be muscular or anything, just tone down, I do admit I have put weight on but it’s not like I’m obese, it’s just belly and waist fat which I feel like within 5/6 months I can sort out with proper dieting

  10. This is literally the “help 911, someone’s trying to murder me” “they can’t do that, that’s illegal” meme

  11. It's up to you to decide how to handle this, but it sounds like she's trying to make a relationship happen that she isn't really feeling. I can tell you from my experience that if one person in the relationship isn't feeling connection, it's almost impossible to recover. I'm not saying you break up now, but you need to have a frank perspective on this- if you care about her, you need to be prepared to let her go, because you can't make someone love you.

  12. Dude wtf is wrong with you that you think sexually harassing an employee even just once shouldn't result in a ban?

  13. Because you’re telling her now after months of dating about some girl you slept with when you guys barely knew each other. It’s just bringing drama into a relationship that doesn’t need it. If my boyfriend told me that after so much time, I’d be wondering why he told me and if there was more to the story. Why does she need to know this information? I’m 100% sure she was seeing other people as well.

  14. She told the children about your sex work? Is that the act of someone who is upset or a tool to separate the two of you. Some people who want to end a relationship for reasons they don't want you talk about instead find the “smoking gun”. It's something you can't deny but…kinda odd it's a problem now. Very odd that it's not a private talk to work things out. So odd in fact that ITS PROBABLY NOT THE REASON AT ALL. “I know you had anal sex so you had poop on your cock but you let a guy poop on your chest! No! Why couldn't you just suck him off like normal!”. So why is she saying it's all your fault and going ahead with divorce? Well it has something to do with Ted in accounting. In fact after the divorce Ted will be helping out around the house. Just as a good friend you understand. Certainly nothing to do with your unexpected marriage problem.

  15. Since the term creep describes your feelings and has nothing to do with me, I don't know. Can you think of something that would trigger you more than objective physical attractiveness?

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