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  1. Just tolerate his existence. He's not sabotaging your marriage or anything he's just a nuisance in your life. Talk to your husband about it and see how he feels

  2. Thank you for your input!

    You are right that noone should go into relationship with unresolved issues that will probably pile up and explode some day. I wonder if that's the case here though. It was my first time of being infatuated with someone so intensely. I kind of let it happen because, for once, I wanted to give it a shot no matter what. But I couldn't deal with my emotions, I was overwhelmed because it was too much happiness for me at once. I've started to be overly confident, pushed my job aside and was wasting time by sinking into text messages with her. I've put my life on hold for her and it was mistake. I've realized that, told her so and we've decided to keep things between us on friendly note. However, chemistry between us grows each time we see each other. However, some time has passed, I've had time to digest my emotions and I'm able to understand myself better. My life went back to normal and I can control my behaviors. I've just chilled out a little.

    Maybe I'm overly optimistic though and I can be influenced by emotions. So… do you think that anything I wrote above changes your opinion about this situation?

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