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  2. Yeah, that’s what my uncle and my aunt thought. Meanwhile, my cousins wanted a divorce since they were 10 yo. Friendly coparenting is way better than a bad marriage.

  3. He is missing you and the baby. He is missing home. You need to acknowledge that this a heartache for him.

    Acknowledge his pain – send food, love, and comfort in any way you can. Send his favorite pillow, some soup, and pajamas.

    Your health and the baby's health matter so much but acknowledging his heart will help both of you. Be kind, to yourself and him. This is a hard time for both of you, take care!!!! Stay healthy. It is hard to be a partner down with a newborn, I am glad you have family support

  4. I'll agree with lying/hiding the truth being a big problem here.

    By the way, I remember your name from some time ago. We seem to have little conversations in this sub fairly often. I'm also a huge of The Expanse.

  5. This person did the respectable thing that many people struggle to do. Although painful, he was right in his choice. Sex drive, whether high or low, is not singular to specific genders or sexualities.

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