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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. At some point people have to be responsible for themselves. Yes people need help but eventually people stop helping if you keep doing the same shit over and over.

    I commented on the actual situation elsewhere but reality is he could’ve made a million different choices that prioritized his safety over ego. Esp at his grown ass age of 40+

  2. You are over thinking it and hurt. She didn’t see anything more, you did and that’s horrible but at the end of the day it was an experience you said you enjoyed. Sometimes you get disappointed, you don’t have your expectations met but that’s how it is.

    Don’t tell yourself this is some terrible thing you need to move city for, you need to not let a rejection hurt you so hard. Plus who is to say your door is closed forever anyway? You could still have a chance, she just might be more of a physical person when she likes someone but it could be that she could still like you regardless of who she slept with after. You haven’t known each-other long at all anyway. Idk.

    I’d say talk to her once you have recovered from your hurt, you aren’t dating and it isn’t like you told her you felt any certain way. I’d for sure keep up the relationship and see how it develops .

  3. If you're worried about the baby being lost to foster care you shouldn't, almost all infants go to their forever homes after 30 days.

    Please provide the sources for this.

  4. You're married way too soon, it's nothing weird that she might feel like she's missing out on the single 23yo lady stuff.

    She doesn't have to be actually cheating like others say, she might just simply need some time away from you. For that exact reason possibly she doesn't want to talk to you after returning home.

    But I still recommend talking. You could ask her if she doesn't regret getting married so soon. You can even straight up ask her if she's cheating – after 4 years of marriage I suspect you'll be able to detect any lies.

  5. These channels swear by showing your dominance to the female even though it sounds toxic to political correctness, claiming it as the reality. For them I gotto deflate the ego of my female partner or she will drift away from me because they are instinctively attracted to men who seem superior to themselves.

    Just do everyone a favor and stay far away from women in general until you get over the toxic sexist bullshit.

  6. I think this is a difficult issue and is partially an issue you need to work on as well as partially a compatibility problem. I’ve felt the way you’ve felt – this need to be in control and connected – in the past and I’ve done a lot of therapy. I feel much more independent, stable, and trusting now and I’m comfortable with my SO going out without needing to constantly be in touch and I don’t have anxiety attacks if I can’t get in touch when I want. However, my partner and I never go more than 24 hours without speaking. In college, we were long distance for two years and this was a strict rule we never broke – neither of us wanted to go more than a day without hearing from one another. It didn’t come from a place of anxiety though – it was because we both mutually felt that was a way in which we showed our love and commitment to each other. On the other hand, my best friend was also long distance in college and her and her boyfriend would go days and days without speaking. It didn’t bother her or her boyfriend – they are both extremely independent and show their love in very different ways. I would go insane in her relationship and she’d go insane in mine – thus why I say that your issue partially sounds like a compatibility issue. In saying all of this, I think this is an ”everyone is the asshole” situation. I think you have some personal issues you need to grow in, I think his response was kind of shitty, and I think you guys may be incompatible in some very important ways.

  7. She is attracted to him she is lying to you she wants to be with him she said no guys like her so any guy giving her attention she would jump his bones in a heart beat tell her to back off and get him to do the same if she says some crazy shit then call the police and get this chick some help

  8. Sounds like a first class douchebag. Any normal Loving significant other would have been up out of bed in that emergency helping.

  9. Seeing as you are the one with the problem with his ED then it is reasonable to ask you to chip in, since YOU want it more than him.

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