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Languages: en,de,es,fr,it,pt

Birth Date: 2002-08-12

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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Date: September 29, 2022

24 thoughts on “Litzy1_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Sir, she wants you. Plain and simple. A relationship is about building together. Your worth is not the achievements you have in life.

  2. Perfect target, young, kind, naive, people pleaser. Now he isolates her, 'locks her in' with a ring, so now she owes him…. my skin is crawling

  3. So, you just fake your way through it or do you lay there and play sex doll? Do you enjoy it at all? No judgment, just curious.

  4. Your BIL is in the middle of his “whoa-is-me Midlife Crisis, who decides to to screw your Ex Friend, who’s almost 1/2 his age & now his BangMaid.

    He’s a pathetically stupid. She’s idiotically stupid. None of this is your fault

  5. What on earth did I just read? Seriously? Most people don't even have jobs where they can do this!! This is insane.

  6. The age gap is a problem, your mentality cannot be hers.

    7 month is way too soon to talk marriage, you don't even know how compatible you are.

    I would advice any couple to try living together 1 or 2 years before going forward with marriage.

  7. Well she is making the trip so a gift isn't crazy, you know? What does she like? I don't think I'd go jewelry or anything unless you really know her, but just look around and something should pop out and remind you of that person. I give gifts because whatever i give made me think of them. I've never seen anybody hate em yet. They're not expensive usually and sometimes free but it's the thought when it comes to that shit so go with what you know.

  8. “His mental health will be affected if we don't have a kid” and that means you have to do the traumatic thing that you're scared of and have already stated that you don't wanna do? Your husband is pulling some little bitch, gaslighting shit here. I'm sure you know this already, but IVF is 100% difficult and unpleasant and potential to be traumatic. Not for the man obviously, just for you.

    Stand your ground. Your body your choice.

    If his mental health is so important he can go have a baby with someone else.

    Maybe worth asking the question that if you can't have a baby, are you actually enough for him.

    Really important question and could stop you wasting more years of your life.

  9. I don't think it's creepy but it does bother me because it makes me self-conscious when someone's looking at me all the time. I'm just afraid he'll feel embarrassed and it will affect our friendship.

    It's been happening since 2 months ago when i rejected him. He did this before that too but it's like he's staring at me more often ever since i rejected him. I can't understand why.

  10. She is literally showing you that she cant be trusted. If i were you id cut all contact immediately. Dont be a chump.

  11. I also knew that a threesome could easily ruin things between us and I also always thought it was kind of special that we'd only been with each other. I was even more reluctant when she told me who she wanted to be our third and turns out she wanted to involved her best friend [27F].

    Boy, I litreally gasped NOOOOOO when I read that.

    Abort, abort, abort! I don't care if you have to fake explosive diarrhea, you need to kill this set up NOW.

    I was kind of skeptical when this post started because 'surprising' someone with a threesome when you didn't have in depth talks about it sounds like possibly the stupidest thing I had ever read, but reading the rest of this?

    HELL NO.


    This honestly sounds like they are hoping to hook up with each other and you wife is using the mask of a gift for your birthday to do it…which is really, really fucking evil, man.

    If your wife loves you, she won't be mad if you say you are not comfortable. This is YOUR gift, not hers. This isn't like you are giving her friend a fucking kidney, no one is going to lose a limb or die if you put a stop to this. If they act like you destroyed their hearts and really let them down then….

    IDK, man.

    This is pretty twisted on your wife's part.

  12. I'm so sorry and sad for you. Sorry if my question is painful, but are you sure there weren't underlying issues with your marriage? Undiscussed matters, issues with chemistry or compatibility? Was she always faithful, and as fulfilled as you were? I find it very harsh from her to throw everything away just because of your newly discovered son.

  13. I realize I might’ve came across as a dick for even asking tbh…since I already guessed the answer as well

  14. This isn’t baseball, there’s no bullpen for when the starters tire. She’s either with you or she isn’t. If you consider yourself to be in an exclusive relationship, she’s breaking it daily. Exclusive is much more than sex. As long as her heart is partially with someone else, your exclusive relationship is a sham.

  15. You’re having sex daily but her sex drive is dead?? Stop harassing her about the vibrator. You are not entitled to this knowledge. Her masturbatory habits are not your business much like yours are not hers.

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