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  1. I mean, do you want to have sex with him or you are just looking for anyone? 'Beneficial partnership with a little vibe' doesn't exactly scream sexual chemistry.

    But if you think that could be there… on behalf of all guys- just be straightforward about exactly what you want. And give him a little time to mull it over if he needs it, because, you know, it could be quite unexpected.

  2. Grow up. Seriously. You aren't married to her so why do you think the kids deserve your last name? Solutions.

    Get married and have her change her last name and adopt her son and change his last name.

    Get married and take her last name. You won't die.

    Fix your fragile ego about having the kids have your last name. Will they be less yours if they don't have your last name?

  3. I think she wants to see someone else but she’s so afraid of saying it the wrong way, so she came up with this bullshit.

  4. Have you tried calculating ratios of income to contribution? Looks like you know what he makes (141% of your salary?).

    My girlfriend and I live together and she makes about 200% of my income. I make an okay living. She does well. I pay 50% of the mortgage and bills. She has more expendable income and so she has purchased a lot of things like plants for the garden, and other elective household things that are more important to her than me. Maintenance and improvements are also split.

    Not saying you need to pay 50%, just saying that its different for everyone's situation. If 50% leaves you living check to check and that's not how you want to live your life then you may need express that. It would be a shame if this is the deal breaker to something that's otherwise a great relationship but que sera sera

  5. Let her know you are aware of everything n get her out of your house n life . She's nasty . Not even making wear a Condom shows she has no regard or respect for you

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