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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Sure, but i think it’s fair to say it’d be weird to not mention it if they live together and it’s possible it could come out.

  2. It's stupid but well within her rights to establish. You can go with it, leave or show her how impractical it is by 100% holding her to it.

  3. So people that says things like “stop being so serious” are invalidating you, your feelings, your rights to be comfortable or uncomfortable with something. Literally your right to your own bodily autonomy.

    It appears he has only lived with people who tolerate abusive gross behaviour and has normalised it.

    No one has to put up with anything other people do, that is human rights 101.

    You don't have to put up with it, sadly the thing you can do is leave, and I would do that like yesterday.

    He is literally taking bacteria laden bodily secretions and putting them forcefully into your body. As if you have to smell all of his parts and accept that as that is his choice.

    Let extrapolate that into other areas he wants to add bodily fluid from his body to yours. Would that make you run away? I know it would me.

    NO ONE has the right to your body, please remember this.

    Anything that he does against your permission, clear and active consent, is assault.

    It isn't minor assault either, he is pinning you down and thrusting his fingers into your nose. That is some seriously shitty behaviour.

  4. The fact that she was quick to say the baby is a miracle from God make it super sus. I mean, before that, she agreed so easily you guys were toxic together and should divorce, and now she thinks you should stay together. If I become pregnant from a relationship I want to get out, I'd be totally mortified. Also, the 'I'll abort if you go' seems like manipulation. I hate to say it but you should make sure she is actually pregnant.

  5. When i was in my 20s my “high school sweetheart” would often guilt me into/out of things, not smoking weed, no tattoos etc… well 20 years and a divorce later (yeah I married him), he smokes weed around our kids and has tons of tattoos. His issue was part jealousy, part being a tight ass. You can express your concerns but be sure why you're uncomfortable with it.

  6. Bad move moving in with her when she’s still hung up on her ex. Hopefully you still have the boxes to pack her up.

  7. Yup. That would have been the end of my relationships with all of those people. None of that is okay.

  8. I’ve read the update…and are you sure you want to be with him. You were talking about your needs and he somehow made it about himself again, essentially forcing you to back down and take care of him. That is extremely manipulative.

  9. He can keep his literal, factual observations to himself. If he can’t say anything nice he should say nothing at all.

  10. He said that no other girls have asked him to use a rubber

    So he is a Petri dish of everyone before you and if they were fine with no rubbers that is not a good thing

    Also he is too cheap to buy a condom

    I think you should hold yourself to higher standards

  11. You should definitely just communicate what your thinking. People are not mind readers and cant see into your head. You gotta let people know what your feeling otherwise your playing a guessing game that you cant win. It sounds like you get along great. Your relationship will continue that way I'm sure especially if you are able to be yourself and say what's on your mind and express how you feel. That's healthy and it keeps things honest. People respect honesty. You wanna be on the same page so you gotta talk

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