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Date: October 3, 2022

7 thoughts on “Liquidfirexxx live webcams for YOU!

  1. Even becoming closer and spending more time with your guy friend could be too close to rmotional affair. He felt you drifting further from him so he jumped to conclutions. Tough one to work thru for the two of you.

    The option i see is to sit with him and let your heart out, listen to what he has to say and go from there.

    It does not look good but wars have been syarted over miscommunication many times.

    If its worth saving than its worth the effort.good luck.

  2. He doesn’t want an open relationship, the only reason he even mentioned it to me is Alyssa is trying to manipulate him (I saw the messages she’s sending him) into being in an open relationship when he doesn’t want it either

    You cannot possibly be this naive at age 25. Honestly even 15 would be pushing it; I imagine your average 15 year old would see this situation and think “well that's obviously bullshit, how stupid does this guy think I am” and dump him.

  3. Some possessions are not worth the trouble, I didn’t want to go back to get some of my stuff from a recent break up because if I tried to arrange it I’d get ambushed verbally by her friends and family.(since they all live right near each other) And it’d just be an ugly situation and I also didn’t have contact since, That lingerie was meant for you and him based on the cute idea you had. Let it go with the relationship,

    Ps: it comes off most of the time usually anyways 🙂

  4. I can’t really give any advice because I don’t know the details, but as someone who married into a nearly dead bedroom, I will say that marriage isn’t going to fix the problem.

    It took many tearful conversations and some therapy for my husband and I to get past our dead bedroom. Fortunately we’re better now than we’ve ever been, but that’s because we both put in the work.

    All you can do is tell her how badly it’s affecting you. If she’s unwilling to open up to you/make changes then I would suggest leaving because it will never get better.

  5. While he may not have made you promise, he put you in a position where it seems you felt like you have to. I would advise against making such promises in the future, as a lack of communication is absolutely something you can worry about, especially in this context. This isn't just someone who is too busy working to communicate.

    To me, it sounds like this relationship is already done (Were you in a relationship or just dating? Had anything been defined?). Personally, I would send a message finalising everything, I wouldn't fight for communication when he's put up such a firm wall.

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