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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. This is a relationship, not a police investigation. What the fuck is wrong with you people? He made ONE strange purchase. He’s not obligated to tell her what he does 24/7, if he wanted some privacy he’s allowed to have it. I think the fact that his wife felt the need to run out and search the car is pretty telling. I wouldn’t be suspicious if it took my partner 2 hours to buy bread, nor would I care what they were doing. I’d just assume they took a walk or went to another store, or whatever. Also, she said he bought groceries, not just bread. So 2 hours isn’t really as long as she’s making it seem, especially with likes this close to Christmas being as long as they are. So she’s already overly suspicious and controlling, and searching the car and checking bank statements is doubling down on being overly suspicious and controlling.

    ITT: a bunch of people who have trust issues.

  2. It sounds like you guys like each other as more than friends, it sounds like love to me. You like hugging and you miss each other? Please don't let your peers define your relationship for you. You and your friends should define what you want your relationship to be.

  3. Not saying it's normal to pee in a bottle, but it is relatively common for people with severe depression to struggle to get up to pee. People hold it for so long that they ended up giving themselves infections or damaging their bladder

  4. Do not marry this man. Do not legally tie yourself to him. That’s the first step. Whether or not you have his child, leave yourself with an easy out. I’m guessing if you call off the wedding, he may begin to wonder why and might suspect his freeloading might be coming to an end. That might light a fire under his ass to find a job. I understand the desire to procreate, believe me, but do not marry this god-awful person.

  5. Why? A possibly lovely gentleman offers her a lift to her destination, behaves, and she cuts off communication?

    I am not saying the bf is completely right here, but I AM saying the gf is nearly not wrong. Nearly, because I am guessing she switched her phone off because he was hounding her (the context we didn’t get) and it was annoying her, even more so because she did nothing bad.

  6. Yes, this totally works!

    My husband has had a beard in some form or another (different shapes, lengths, styles) for as long as I’ve know him. More than 20 years. During lockdown he got bored and decided to shave the whole thing off. He looked like an alien life form. It was so effing weird. Every time he walked into the room I jumped, and then busted out laughing. He’d ask me to pass the salt at dinner and I’d look at him and crack up. At night I’d roll over to kiss him goodnight, see his pale pale bald face, and start laughing all over again. I wasn’t intentionally mocking him. He just looked so strange to me and it caught me off guard every time. Within a week or two he decided to grow the beard back.

  7. If she found out that you spent the night at a woman's house and you lied to her face about it. Then when actually caught in the lie you confess but then claim nothing happened.

    How are you supposed to believe her if she lies to you like that? How can you believe someone who lies to you about something this important?

    There is no going back.

  8. Nope, you forgiven him will only embolden him further. He took the risk, knowing what it could cause – let it be.

  9. I'm questioning your actual ''intelligence'',because you write like you ate a thesaurus for breakfast. The way you are presenting yourself in this post is pretentious beyond reason and comes across as ''Look at me, i'm such a smartypants using bigger words than my peers do''.

    If you genuinely believe you're so much more intelligent than your partner is, I would reconsider the relationship, regardless if you actually are or not.

  10. Commenting because I’m curious to see how this goes out. Will Dec tell Kate to buzz off unless she’s contacting OP? Why is Kate being a home wrecker if it seems OP May be the only friend they have? And why is Dec not pushing her off to begin with wth

  11. It's been one of biggest and only issue with her. I've mentioned it several times. She has a huge circle of friends texting her all the time. I will see her lay the phone down and not respond to them till next day. I get it and see her point, it gets overwhelming. She isn't glued to her phone as well and doesn't do any social media.

  12. I think you really need to be more upfront with future partners. he did the right thing. this was never going to work out

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