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  1. She isn't really the right kind of partner for my career path. My colleagues tend to have partners who are in equally high-prestige, high-paying jobs. The more senior people (managing directors, etc.) tend to have stay-at-home spouses but the spouses do very high-profile charity work (serving on nonprofit boards, leading fundraising campaigns, etc.). I know she is trying to look the part, but I do end up embarrassed when she talks about her job. And some of my coworkers have made fun of me for being “married to a secretary.”

  2. That is a call the police, if she is serious she needs inpatient care you can't provide. If its manipulative she will find out thats a bad idea

  3. How SURE are you that they're just friends? Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she's straight. It just seems superweird your gf would be ok with her friend coming along for a couples trip.

  4. In our culture, men are taught to repress all emotion except anger. So, instead of grief, he's expressing rage and directing it at you.

    Get out of there. Take care of yourself. I'm sorry.

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