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im love “control her”

Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. well not all women, just the hot ones. they all tend to be negative, so good on them. you deny this, but then you're probably one of them who never takes any stock of her actions.

  2. Obviously wasn’t there and have no idea how F30 agreed to this, but also likely that she was being too polite (borderline doormat) and didn’t really think this through either. I have friends from the mid-west and they can never say no. It’s sometimes infuriating. But anyways, basics like the dog needs to be microchipped is pet owning 101, let alone if they’re traveling.

    If that’s the case then I would emphasize that this is becoming more than you had planned and it’s taking time and other resources away from you and your wife’s regular lives. As the original rough plan had only been for a few weeks (we assume) I would start by setting a firm date that seems decent to you that you’ll continue to care for the dog under the current terms, but then after that F40 will need to find other options for long term care or you guys need to discuss additional compensation. The “due date” should be realistic for her to find other accommodations if that’s what she chooses, but also is fair to you and doesn’t drag on for forever. I’d say another couple weeks is ample time, but I’m also not familiar with pet resources (or if she has family/other friends) in your area or not.

  3. he’s spent time with girls at clubs letting them touch him he’s gone and indirectly cheated x3 and he used to go out with friends and hang around this one particular girl he found attractive. i learnt to suck it up because in life you can acknowledge if someone’s good looking but acting on it is where it’s wrong. in addition he forced me to answer he was the one who asked me and he hounds me everytime i say i have a shift with a male colleague.

  4. Success as a singer doesn't only involve just singing. One has to maintain the capability to be in front of crowds, to risk failure and if they're trying to make it a career, to deal with the viper pit that is talent agents, bookers, promoters, record labels, etc. This industry, and it is an industry, just isn't for everyone with a decent singing voice. So if she wants to focus on becoming a music teacher and leave performing in the past maybe try to be a little more supportive. She obviously knows she can sing. But she may also be savvy enough to see that she wants no part of the wicked machine involved with trying to become a star.

  5. His gross teeth are offending you. So asking him to get a cleaning should not offend him.

    Plus, it's good for his dental health in general. He might have some additional serious oral health concerns that he really needs to address just for himself.

  6. What kind of action could OP possibly take ? We are talking about 2 adults that arent related to each other potentially dating . Hardly a scandal for the ages …

  7. This was something my friends told me. During the time I had the burn, I was bedridden because I got sun poisoning. And all of my friends on the vacation were fighting. It was insanely awkward. After the friend in question left to catch her flight, my other friends explained that she was saying these things to them as well as posting it online. If it isn’t real, then my friends could be twisting it but I’m unsure about what that would have gained

  8. You're misreading this. This isn't some “trap”. Your gf was making a joke. Or at least trying to make one. Then she's pushing to get some sort of conversation or interesting remark out of you. I'm guessing your tone implied you had something to say. Instead she gets you taking her obvious joke seriously and call her rude over something meaningless.

    You avoid this by saying “There's nothing to say”, and immediately changing the subject. Or even better, making a joke yourself: “You know I can't look at that popcorn ceiling without without wanting to scratch it all off” or “The ghost in your ceiling makes spooky faces at me when you're gone and I don't want to encourage it”. Or whatever. You definitely don't take her joke seriously as if she's some crazy gf and then call her rude bc she got up for a minute during your video call. Your girlfriend would not be upset if you had said either of the options I gave.

    She might have created that conversation to see how you'd respond, but if she was looking for drama she would have escalated it you, not shut down. She thinks you're clueless and she feels like she doesn't know how to respond to what you said. When you called her rude for that, she feels you like you're controlling and are going to get insecure if you don't get every second of her attention. She shuts down because she feels like you won't get it, and she doesn't have the communication skills to address it.

  9. This is exactly what I was thinking reading this. My own partner, who is female, also has no idea how to negotiate financially.

  10. No decent person would just generally ask you if you touched the kids… if anything they’d be offended and say that you shouldn’t have watched it with the kids around even if napping.

    run.. and keep ur own child safe

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