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  1. That’s sexual assault.

    He is welcome to turn down sex if condoms are a dealbreaker. He is not welcome to force you to go bareback.

    You are probably fine in terms of pregnancy…extremely unlikely that you’ll get pregnant on BC.

    But he’s a fuckwad, and you should find somebody that respects your boundaries.

  2. Discuss marriage. Do not buy a house together until you have done so. You might not have compatible plans as far as marriage. Do not buy the house until you get it sorted. Did I mention you shouldn't buy a house together until you figure out if you will get married or if you can live with not?

  3. This is the problem – the sniping at you about fidgeting is just a passive-aggressive leaking of her unhappiness at your answer to move.

  4. The problem with that “suggestion” is that it doesn't actually change anything, does it???

    You suggestion is short sighted and COMPLETELY misses the point of the issue at hand. I, mean COMPLETELY!!!

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