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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Yeah I think you should go no contact. As horrible as this sounds, it’s up to your sister to worry about her kid’s father, the other woman and her kids half sibling and figure out future relationships between them. You shouldn’t have to have any contact with her because of that possible connection.

  2. No to both your questions. He doesn’t not understand, he just doesn’t care. His pride matters more to him than your feelings. It is, unfortunately, that simple.

  3. What is his reasoning for begging not to get drug tests? That's honestly incriminating itself, if he wasn't guilty he wouldn't be begging so I'd make sure to save it as evidence for sure.

  4. I think it's because I have always hated myself. I feel like someone just watching another person live their life that I cannot stand. I don't have a hell of a lot of self love, or like at all. If this was someone else, I would tell them to cut ties and move on. It can't be as bad as being emotionally dragged through the mud. Per Se

  5. I mean, I think your husband is a real piece of shit. He separated and slept with someone almost immediately. Which to me would mean an end to getting back together. You don't detail it in your post but is it possible he asked for a separation and kept what that meant vague so he had plausible deniability to sleeping with someone else.

    Essentially I think there's two kinds of separation. Separating to give each other headspace and time to work out if your still happy in the relationship but with the intention of recoupling. There's also separating with the intent if it being permanent. Sounds like your husband wanted a break where he could sleep with other people but new he couldn't frame it that way to you so instead obfuscated what he was asking for.

    ONS Guy sounds cool. He's actually respecting your choice and autonomy. In terms of infidelity, you can say neither of you cheated. But then your relationship ended in December, he slept with someone immediately which doesn't suggest he held your relationship in high regard. You've now slept with someone because your moving on. The pregnancy is a separate issue entirely.

  6. She is totally wrong, only insecure, jealous, non-trusting females feel this way and the same goes for males and almost always it is because of some trauma from a previous relationship normally when a previous partner has cheated on them.

    My last two partners and my current one dont have this issue with a female best friend I have had for over 10 years or a couple of other female friends. IT is not normal.

    I appreciate that you may find it hard to communicate and that you are not very good at on the spot talks, so I will help you here, all you have to say to her is the following 3 things

    I will not be cutting off my best friend or any friends This is your problem that you need to deal with and not my problem 3. You need to get in contact with a therapist to work through the reasons why you are insecure.

  7. This!!!!

    I cannot believe how the “cumming in her mouth despite knowing she didn't want that” didn't warn her earlier.

    Those actions told us that it would only be a matter of time before he built up to making demands.

    Yikes. Dude needs to stay gone.

  8. Most people don't care whether an anonymous story is based on reality or not. We are here to discuss hypothetical people in hypothetical situations.

    I don't understand why anybody would be here for other reasons

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