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  1. This should be top comment.

    I myself have a bunch of anxiety disorders, which causes me to have irrational thoughts and fears, such as do my close friends and family actually like me? These are decades/lifelong positive relationships, and I logically know they do like me, yet I still negatively struggle and question it in my head.

    So to me, it sounds like her untreated underlying anxiety disorders were triggered by a close friend's traumatic experience. Inadvertently, her suggestion of going to therapy together might actually help you two work through her anxiety. That said, individual therapy probably would help her as well. Side note: with how society is these days, I agree with her that it seems like everyone could benefit from some therapy.

  2. doing our laundry separately we are getting closer and closer to live in roommates

    So you're getting closer to being just roommates because you won't do his laundry? It seems like he wants a bangmaid instead of an actual partner by the sound of this.

    Honestly he sounds violent and extremely controlling. I would look into getting out of this relationship.

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