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Date: October 3, 2022

13 thoughts on “Arabiansweety live webcams for YOU!

  1. I asked OP what her reasons are for keeping the baby, and am still curious to hear. Not keeping it is an option and shouldn't really be baffling.

  2. Wow thanks alot! Really appreciate the advice. 🙂 they do have the proper social etiquette and all, but just afraid that they will start judging afterwards and make things difficult. Will take your pointers into mind when we do meet!

  3. Well I hope you are more mature now, just because someone enjoys sex with you doesn't mean they want something else, and maybe she stopped being friends with you because you caught feelings and she was uncomfortable

  4. And that, kids, is why you don’t get married when you’re barely out of your teenage years. Maturity takes time, and maturity to share your life with someone else and not fight about a fekking body pillow takes even longer.

  5. Dude, shit or get off the pot. Yes, you’re relatively young, but you’ve been with her five years and you aren’t ready to commit- which is not a great sign to her. It tells her that you don’t have certainty about the future of your relationship.

    You need to have a serious conversation with yourself about what you want, and then a serious conversation with her about the time frame you can see for getting engaged/married. And then at least she can decide if that time frame is reasonable. But if you leave it where it’s at, you will lose her sooner rather than later.

  6. You know who love bombs their 20 year old partner into marriage three months in? Abusers who haven’t shown you their stripes yet, that’s who.

  7. Don’t be vague. Get him, his parents, and your fiancé on the phone.

    Tell them in no uncertain terms. “This is important to me. I do not care what your feelings about this are. If you show up in anything other than appropriate wedding wear as per the dress code, you will not be allowed inside and I will remove you from my life.

    I am telling you directly that doing so will not be funny, it won’t be clever, it will be a purposeful ending of our relationship. Anyone letting anyone in in costume will be equally disrespectful.

    In case you want to gossip amongst yourselves about how I don’t have a sense of humor – yes, I don’t have a sense of humor about disrespecting my wedding. Call me whatever names you’d like in private, but I am letting you know in advance that this will be a grave offense to me. “

    Then, follow through. If you have bouncers all the better.

  8. OP it sounds like you are in the relationship version of doing yourself “self harm”….physiological harm at its finest. You knows it's wrong, aware of the issues at it's core but still moves forward. Self hate is a true disorder……..I feel bad for you truly. Respectfully ??

  9. tell your wife & end the marriage. How unfair is that she’ll be bringing your child into this world while you try to exit!

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